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Love anime? Love Manga? then join this group! it doesnt matter what type or which anime or manga all are welcome!

Post Blingees, make discusions, have fun!

>please I ask no non-anime related blingees or posts<

Now, I will be trying to do something special, every month I will be having a AnImE Yay!!!!! logo contest. So please look here for details on that.


!contest is up~!
>contest Start~ may 1st
>contest end~ may 15th
>Number of blingees per person~5
>Number of blingees entered~

only new blingees please

!!! warning !!!
If not all requierments are met then your blingee loses its chance on become the icon but can still win judges choice. If none of the requerments are met your blingeee cant win at all.


1. To enter, post your entrees in the contest form
2.The theme is summer
3. There will be a judges choice , where me and one other judge of my choosing pick. There is no prize for this, unfortenatly.
3b. Voting starts on 9th ends on the 15th
4. The winning blingee will be put as the icon on- 
5.Any questions ask me^^

>Judges choice-

Past winners~
Febuary Valentines- Japanfan12345
March St.patricks/Spring-Nelchan
April easter-theTSUBASAgirl

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