cooks and chefs/food and baking and drinks

cooks and chefs/food and baking and drinks

this is a group for any one who loves to cook and loves chefs this group is only for people who loves cooks chefs chef figures and loves to cook u can post anything with food and drinks also thank you john

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this group is for people who like to cook who like to have fun and love chefs animated chefs anything with chef and cooks only u may also put food desserts gourmet meals any of that stuff anything that deals with chefs cooking and baking drinks anything at all that deals with food and chef figures vintage cooking goth style any style possible for food and drinks

welcome to cooks and chefs/food and baking and drinks: we are going to be starting everything over: i have returned : but i have a new username: my new username is now blacklightning: instead of evilchefmania: so please come and add me: i would love to get this group going again and i would love to make this group special: so please everyone bring all ur friends and family to this group: and lets get this group even more amazing then before: 

these are all my groups i own please feel free to join and help me get members in them: id really love to grow all these once again thank you: john

my groups come and join my groups :)

group managers


and looks like we need new managers to help so if intersted add me at blacklightning and message me about helping getting this group together :)

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