8° Contest (closed)

posted: 2475 days ago
Yaaaah! (?)
The theme of this contest is...
BTOB! (chosen from -She♥K-Pop-)
Max blingee: 3
Beginning of the competition: 9-12-12
End of the competition: ?
Awards: always the same xD
posted: 2473 days ago
This one is mine 
1♦ http://bln.gs/b/267cr9
Hope you like it!! This is the first BtoB blingee I've ever made !!
posted: 2471 days ago
miei :3
posted: 2470 days ago

hope you like it ^^
posted: 2454 days ago
There are too few blingee T^T

The best are:
1. http://bln.gs/b/267qc5
2. http://bln.gs/b/267cr9

But unfortunately I don't give you a prize because there were few people to participate!
I'm sorry T___T
posted: 2454 days ago
Sia il 1 che il 2 è lo stesso ;) cmq grazie ;)
posted: 2454 days ago
Oh sorry, ho sbagliato a fare il copia e incolla T____T LOL

No comunque mi dispiace davvero che non posso darvi un premio...non so nemmeno cosa inventarmi xD
posted: 2454 days ago
no problem ;)

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