Christian art

Christian art

A group for anyone who loves Christian art. Post your Christian blingees here, whatever denomination you are from, let us achieve Christian unity through Holy Love (love of God and neighbour).

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If you love making blingees to express your faith and love of God, share them here. If you have no faith at all but are interested in Christianity and Christian art, you are also welcome! Holy Love (love God above all else and your neighbour as yourself) is the only rule! I can't promise regular challenges (although there will be some!), but I will keep changing the group icon every week to showcase the best blingees (as long as you keep them coming!). Receive the blessing of Holy and Divine Love!

To learn more of Holy Love please go to:


CURRENT GROUP ICON - "Christ is risen!" by LubovL: 



Dear friends, we managed without strict group rules up to now, but I see there is a need to set them. 

1. THEME. As we are called "Christian Art" group the simplest rule is to only add blingees related to Christian art. Any other blingees can be added to other wonderful groups but not this one. I don't like deleting your wonderful creations, but I may have to if they have nothing to do with respectful Christian Art. If a blingee contains Christian symbols or figures which are used inappropriately or with no respect (goth blingees for example) then such blingees will also be deleted from the group. Blingees which glorify evil or sin will be deleted also even if they contain Christian symbols or figures. 

2. NO NUDITY. I know I don't have to repeat that as this is a general Blingee rule, but there are some blingee stamps on this site of "angels" which are actually half-naked women. Please don't use them if you are planning to post your blingee here. 

2. BEHAVIOR. Please let us have no drama here as a general rule, but if you feel you need to express your feeling, please do so with respect for others. Name calling is unacceptable. 

I am so glad you all joined this group, so please follow these simple rules so that we can all be happy together. I would hate to remove anyone, so I would only do so for repeatedly breaking these rules and after a fair warning. Blessings to each one of you! 



1st Place - Shihtzus: "Believe in the power of prayer" - - amazing blingee, the chosen group icon for the first week!

2nd place - Ludmilla1959 -, and her gorgeous "Christian art" blingee was our group icon in the second week.

3rd place - Tirsah - - "Come to me..." - beautiful Jesus portrait, the chosen group icon for the third week.

4th place - Lubovl: beautiful Madonna and child Jesus blingee - - lovely picture as the group icon for week 4.

5th place - Lousei: superb "Maria" picture - - the group icon for week 5.

6th place - Yvonall: splendid Jesus and child blingee - - was a group icon for week 6.

Thank you for posting your wonderful inspirational blingees! Watch out our forum for new challenges, the winning blingees will become our weekly group icons. Don't forget to add your blingees to the group as well as the challenge so that they can be selected as group icons. 


Добро пожаловать в нашу группу "Христианское искусство"! Добавляйте свои картинки, которые вы сделали с любовью к Богу и ближнему, на тему христианства. Приглашайте своих друзей, если тоже делают такие открытки. Пусть эта группа станет местом духовного единения и любви. Каждую неделю лучшая открытка будет выбрана иконой нашей группы. Иногда мы будем проводить конкурсы, предлагайте темы! Единственное правило группы - Святая Любовь (любовь к Богу и ближнему).

Чтобы узнать больше Святой Любви, посетите сайт:

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