proposals for the 30th challenge!(STOP!!!!)

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posted: 1215 days ago
Make proposals for the 30th challenge!
Thank you all!
Fare proposte per la sfida 30!
grazie a tutti ^_^
posted: 1215 days ago
vintage spring fantasy
posted: 1215 days ago
yellow+purple colors, free theme, minimum -20- stamps.  
posted: 1215 days ago
Yellow, free theme
posted: 1215 days ago
blue and green fantasy
posted: 1215 days ago
Easter eggs
posted: 1215 days ago
Bunnies , chicks, and Easter eggs
posted: 1215 days ago
make another proposal! vintage spring fantasy has already been told!(from angello18)
posted: 1215 days ago
posted: 1215 days ago
A Sping challenge with some stamps of Josephine Wall
Do think they can be used for Easter themes too.They are so full of flowers and nice colors and fantasy. I love her art-That was an idea from me.
Do know there is a challenge going on now here on Blingee with her fantasy stamps,but not with a spring or easter theme.You can put in any flowers or easter deco and all kind of animals or people that you like   
That will be the stamps of your own choice.
Make it your own stunning J.W art.It don't have to be only J.W stamps you have to use, maybe a minimum of 2 stamps of her.
The rest is your choice.
I don't know if you do like the idea but it popped up in my brain and my fingers did the rest lol.Now it's said and done,so it's up to you to like or dislike the idea,
There is running both spring and Easter challenges on Blingee already also,so I was thinking it would been nice with a different touch on spring and Easter challenges. It's easy to find her stamps -just search in stamps for -josephine wall fantasy -and you will find a lot of stamps to use and choose between.This was some thoughts from me for a Idea of a challenge in this group
posted: 1215 days ago
japan women 
posted: 1214 days ago
Asia spring
posted: 1214 days ago
My sister is going marry in May, so I´m in Weddingfever. My theme is " Wedding or bride in spring"
posted: 1214 days ago
st patrick day
posted: 1214 days ago
Things with wings!
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