Hello and welcome, I bet your wondering what this group is, well this is a club were you post blingees and other stuff about Maho Shojos or also known as magical know like sakura from sakura cardcapter and other shows! I hope you join, Bye!

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Hello and welcome to our club im very happy your able to join our little club and i hope we can all be friends, In this group we make blingees about Magical girls or maho shojos as there called in japan, whether you know what a magical girl is or not, that will be fine , some animes with magical girls in them would be puella magi madoka magica, cardcaptor sakura, tokyo mew mew,lyrical naniha, and another is shugo chara, and there are lots more but those are just some, if you want to know more about magical girls.And that's all I got to say so byebye and hope you enjoy our group!!!

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