•´¯`•. вℓιиgєє вℓιиg ριик gιяℓѕ •´¯`•.

•´¯`•. вℓιиgєє вℓιиg ριик gιяℓѕ •´¯`•.

♡ωεℓcσмε! gιяℓѕ σиℓу!♡

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  • Number of Members: 32
  • Number of Blingees: 28
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 `·. Welcome to our group,"вℓιиgєє вℓιиg ριик gιяℓѕ"! Here you can be part of our community called the Pink Girls! In the Pink Girls, you can:
Meet other girls, make friends, and participate in Pink Girls Only topics + roleplays!

***This group is gender-inclusive, also includes trans women***


Before you join, please read these guidelines.

✧no ѕwearιng, вυllyιng, or leavιng oυт any υѕerѕ! (we all are a groυp!)
✧don'т вreaĸ тнe вlιngee rυleѕ. 

✧all вlιngeeѕ wιll вe cнecĸed вeғore approval.
✧all мeмвerѕ wιll вe cнecĸed вeғore approval. 

✧pleaѕe no ιnapproprιaтe тalĸ! 


Thank you and have fun!


ıllıllı ριик gιяℓѕ  ρℓαуℓιѕт ıllıllı

♫Beth Ditto- I Wrote the Book♫ 
♫Little Red- Next Thing♫ 

Playlist Requests- http://blingee.com/group/88442/topic/102900



It would be awesome if you could spread the word about our group! Please use these text art images below to spread the word!

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ţό вέ ά ρίήķ ģίŕĻ! 

Ⓟ- Pretty
ⅈ- Irresistible
Ɲ- Nice
ƙ- Knowledgeable

ღ http://blingee.com/group/88442/

Ⓖ- Great
ⅈ- Imaginative
Ȑ- Radical
Ƚ- Lovely
⒮- Selfless
вrιng oυт yoυr ιnner pιnĸ gιrl вy clιcĸιng тнe lιnĸ aвove! 

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