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Hiya, minna-san!! 
Here is Kuro-san, nice to see you all here!! 
I'll write a lot of fanfics, bcause I love it and I hope you like this. You can leave a comment if you wish too!!

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-> Chapter I: ωнαт ιѕ тнє ℓιƒє?
-> Chapter II: A place for remember
-> Chapter III: Incomplete
-> Chapter IV: Mechanical Bones
-> Chapter V: R.A.I
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-> Chapter I: ωнαт ιѕ тнє ℓιƒє?

  For a long time, I didn't know what was the real reason of be alive. I didn't care about what could happen to me in the future; I was really happy with my father and with my dog.
  My father was a scientist from a secret agency for twelve years and now he is retired and just relax at home. His name is Jonathan and now he's 57 years old.
  I'm going to finish the high school next month and me and my boyfriend, Leon thought about travel to the beach with our friends. Until there, we are doing our best to be approved.
  But I never expected that something was going to change my life forever. After this, I was lost, I didn't know what was the life, what was the mean of be alive. I discovered I was empty inside, no matter what I could do for feel complete. My life won't come back and now I need to understand, I need to think and I need to see what is happening around me. My life should start again, but I can't do it. 
  I'm sure you aren't understanding what I'm saying, but I'll tell you my story, all my story.
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Gorgeus!!! I want listen this story!!! *W* 
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Thank you, @Terry_Neko_22!! :3
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-> Chapter II: A place for remember

  I don't remember many things from my past. The first memory that I think I have is when I was in a very quiet room, which walls, windows and the bed were white. It was a small room, but anyway it was different for me. 
  I tried to search in my mind the answers, but I only found more questions. What was I doing there? Who brought me there? Where were my mother and my father?
  I stopped. Did I have parents? I didn't know. I was confused and I couldn't remember nothing. I didn't know what was my name.
- So, you woke up. I was worried about you.
  I didn't know that voice. I looked at the door and I saw a man. He was tall and his hair was brown and his eyes were light green and expressed kindness. But I still couldn't remember who was he and why he was worried about me.
- Don't be afraid of me, I'll never hurt you.
- W-Who are you?
  He smiled at me.
- I'm you father, didn't you remember?
- My... Father?
- Yes. My name is Jonathan Darkwood and I'm you father. - He reached out to me - Come on, let's come home now.
  I hesitated. I didn't know if he was lying or not. 
- Well, I'll let you think and remember the true. When you remember anything, look for me and tell me, okay?
  I nodded. At least he believed that I could remember anything about my past. I sat on the bed and tried remember anything about him, but I couldn't. For one moment, I thought my mind was completely empty.

  I woke up again into the same room, but I was with a painful headache. One thought woke up with me and it told something important: my name was Natassia. Natassia Darkwood and I was Jonathan Darkwood's daughter. I stood up and I looked for he.
- So, did you remember anything?
- Yes.
- What?
- My name is Natassia. Natassia Darkwood. And you are my father...
  He gave me a big hug, but I couldn't feel anything. Maybe it's because of I didn't remeber all I needed, I thought.
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More and more interesting! *W* What happened to Natassia Darkwood? I want know it soon! :3
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-> Chapter III: Incomplete

  I started to remember more about me, but there was something wrong yet: my father never talked about my mother and never said me where he worked, he only said: "You don't need know about it now".
  I always asked the same questions to him, but I was tired to listen the same asnwer. So, I decided don't ask it anymore, because I had another problem: my father put me in another school, because we needed to move and I didn't know the reason. I was 10 years old when it happened.

- This is Natassia Darkwood. She is our new classmate since now. Be kind with her.
  The other kids looked at me with disinterest and I didn't know why. I guess you're thinking I am really naive or idiot, but I really didn't now the reason of the things. My brain couldn't find an explanation for those things.
- You can sit down there.
  I followed the teacher and a boy with gold eyes and a sweet smile.
- Nice to meet you! I'm Leon Walker!
- I'm Natassia Darkwood.
- Welcome to our school!
- Thank you.

  Day by day, I discovered all students were like me. Our thoughts were the same, but I always felt incomplete, always lonely and always sad, but I decided to hide it, the other people didn't need to know about it.

  Anyway, the years passed by me and I started to think about things that never happened to me: I never got sick, I never broke any bone, I never hurt my leg or my arm or another part of my body. It's normal, my father said, you should be happy about it.
  He was right, but I wanted to feel what the other kids felt. I wanted to know what Leon meant to me, what I really feel when I thought of him. I never was able to feel emotions, only sadness, happiness, curiosity and concern, nothing more.
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oh, poor Natassia! T^T
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-> Chapter IV: Mechanical Bones

  Finally the high school ended and all we were approved. Because of this, Leon, our friends and me could travel to the beach by Leon's car. My father was worried about our trip, but I was sure all will be fine.
  We went to the road at 7:30 pm. The highway was really calm and certainly we'll arrive there early than expcted. Sarah was driving the car when Leon and Jhon were sleeping. I was reading a book and I didn't know what happened, but I heard Sarah screaming and the car was out the road. Leon and Jhon woke up, scared, but we couldn't do anything to stop the car.

  I woke up in a hospital room and my father was there, but he wasn't worried.
- Finally you woke up.
- What? Am I alive?
  He laughted.
- Of course. You are a special girl, Natassia.
- What are you saying? And what happened to my friends and Leon?
  He didn't look at me when he said:
- They are dead. They are all dead now. 
  I couldn't believe in him. It couldn't be possible, could it? No, no!
  My father hold my arm and looked at me, really serious.
- I need talk with you first.
  I sat on the bed. He sat on a chair in front of me.
- Do you know why are you alive?
- Yes, I want to know.
- Well, take off this curative.
  I removed it quickly and I saw something worng with me.
- Did I lose my right arm?
- No. This is your real right arm. You are not human. Nothing in you is human.
  I looked at my right arm. I could see my bones, but they weren't white and made of calcium. They were purple and made of iron, a very strong iron and the name "R.A.I".
- Who am I? What is R.A.I?
- I can answer olny the first question for while. You are Natassia Darkwood, my artificial daughter. You are a robot, but not a simple robot: you are a winged robot and you were made by me when I worked at R.A.I to be my daughter and the people's guardian.
  A robot. I was a robot. So, all my questions were answered. I didn't have any problems because I was a robot. I couldn't feel another feelings because I was a robot. I couldn't love Leon properly because I was a robot. It means that I never had a life, I never had anything. I'm just a winged robot. I'm a machine. 
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* speechless * O.O
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-> R.A.I

  I was alone and lost, but at least I knwe who I really am. Poor Leon, now I know why he tried to understand me but he wasn't here anymore. My father left me and I don't see him since he told me the true; he didn't come to the hospital.
- Are you Natassia Darkwood?
- Yes, I am.
- Come with me, please.
  I was worried about what to do. I was fine and my father said I would be fine.
- Don't worry. I'm the doctor Sam Harvey and I just want to make some check ups before you leave the hospital.
  I followed him. While I was following him, I saw the rooms and the corridors and I realized: it was a different hospital. All equipaments were very moderns and there were no nurses.
  We entered in a white room, and it remembered me that white room when my memories started. There were many other doctors there.
- You can lay here.
  It was a common bed and another doctor injected a liquid violet in my left arm. I didn't feel any pain, but I was worried about what could happen there, but my father wasn't anywhere.
- Let's start.
  I saw an estrange equipment with the word R.A.I wrote there.
- Where am I?
- Don't you know? Didn't your father tell you?
- No.
- Here is the Robotical and Artificial Intelligence, but you can call R.A.I.I think you should know it, because you were made here.
- I know I was made here, my father told me it.
  Sam smiled.
- But did he tell you all you need to know?
- He told me I was made to be his daguther and to be the humanity's guardian.
  All the doctors laught.
- You aren't the humanity's guardian. You are a militar experience. You were made to be the first winged and artificial soldier.
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Super! You are talented!!! *www* 

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