♡ mystery ⓑⓞⓧ challenge ♡ #4 {Closed}

posted: 1015 days ago
I know I've just posted a contest recently so I'll notify people of this a few days later. If you do come across this forum topic before you've been notified (received a comment on you profile/group update blingees) feel free to start making your entries beforehand and post them below. ^^

Deadline ❉ 10/04/2017
Max Entry ❉ 2

This time around, since just making blingees is boring and doesn't require too much effort, there will be two categories of winners.

Blingee -any anime character of your choice-
❉ BUT you must write an acrostic poem using that anime character's name (full or surname/first name is totally up to you) that describes their personality. You'll have to use each of the separate letters of their name as the starting letter of each sentence.

*Please add your acrostic poem in your post, underneath your blingee entry's link*
❉ example
say I chose Akashi Seijuro; 

My entry: 
[Akashi Seijuro] http://bln.gs/b/2946hl

Absolute, I am...
Silence your dissent;
Hell you’ll face
If you dare to oppose.

Seeking perfection
Ever will I be?
I AM perfect, and
Judgemental you shan’t be,
Unless you have me cornered;
Red then I shall see,
Of my own terrorizing defeat.
.a) blingee
❉ the prettiest blingee, I'll choose the top 5 and the winner will be decided by picking a name out of a hat (I'll write down the 5 contestant's names on 5 strips of paper and then put them in a cup and pick out one.
.b) poem 
❉ the best-written poem, judged by none other than me. Best-written can mean anything, if a poem's quirky and just really creative in general but has grammar mistakes, it would still win for its humor. Doesn't have to rhyme but bonus points will be rewarded if it does.

There will be a winner for each criteria or maybe if one excels at both... then who knows? ;)

***I will not accept an entry if it doesn't have a poem***
posted: 1013 days ago
I understood the subject but I am French so I would like to please let me make my poem in French and you can translate it in English to understand it. To write it in English would be too complicated knowing that it is necessary to use all the letters of the name of the character ^^

thank you very much :)
posted: 1008 days ago
[Shiki from Togainu no Chi] http://bln.gs/b/295ndo

Sєєкιиg fσя ρσωєя,
Hαтιиg тнє ωєαк.
I αм fєαяℓєѕѕ αи∂ αℓωαуѕ
Kιℓℓιиg αℓℓ тнє fσσℓѕ ιи му ραтн.
Iиѕαиє? мαувє. gєт συт σf му ωαу αи∂ уσυ'ℓℓ вє ѕαfє.

{Shiki doesn't have a last name, then I can only do with his first name XD}
posted: 1007 days ago
Ready I am, to fight my hardest 
Ever so scared to fail 
Nonetheless I prevail 
Also, never call me frail 

Killjoy, I am not 
Although, I'm caught on emotions, hard to describe, 
Right to left writes the scribe, 
I'm jealous, aiming for a prize 
Under that smug grin, is a girl, shy, her eyes on my true prize

posted: 1005 days ago
Acrostic poem: Usagi Tsukino-
Always there for those in need
posted: 1001 days ago
Nagisa Shiota > http://bln.gs/b/2957p5

Ne pensant qu'à tuer ses cibles,
Avec une arme qui ne blesse pas d'humain, 
Grand collège mais petite classe paisible,
Il connaît de grandes méthodes d'assassin
Sous l'aide d'un professeur d'EPS
Apprenant des techniques sans cesse.

Sa gentillesse est incroyable,
Histoire d'une vie limitable
Il reste une personne inoubliable 
Où il mène un avenir merveilleux
Tout en restant avec ses amis courageux
Accompagné d'un professeur fabuleux.
posted: 1000 days ago
For this I chose Alois Trancy. http://bln.gs/b/295uve

Amidst this suffering so intense 
Leaving behind my innocence
Obtain revenge and recompense 
In the morning light became his prey
Saved by him and sold my soul away 

Trapped now forever in his web
Regrets are useless in these depths
A butterfly with broken wings 
Now bound to a demon for my sins
“Claude, promise to serve me always”
“Yes, your highness” my butler says 
posted: 999 days ago
My Second Entry:
http://bln.gs/b/295w7y ~ Luka Crosszeria [UraBoku]

Living for love and dreaming of an 
Universe, where you and I can be forever.
Know your name is not enough,
All I want is to find you again.

Choices... They were easy to me,
Regrets? I have none,
Once wherever we will go will be my home.
Safe and sound, is all I want you to be,
Since that magic moment we met.
Zap! You got my heart
Endless love is what it became.
Remember my words when you feel alone,
I will never betray you!
And this promise will never be broken.
posted: 994 days ago
Date Masamune - http://bln.gs/b/28podk

Dragon of Oshuu
All the people know me.
Tame my wild spirit!
Enemies will go down

My fame is bigger than I expected,
And how do I know it? Everyone goes after me.
Six swords I can hold,
A brave warrior I am
Mercy is not with me when I fight
Unless I am in good mod.
Nothing to fear, a bright future waits for me!
Endless battlefield, how much will I see?
posted: 991 days ago

My love, it hurts to see.

At last, that you are leaving me.
Do I forget the words you spoken?

Only you, have me awoken. 

Kindness and your hospitality,

Any you thing you do it's just causality. 

Kite strings hang up in the air. 

All because of love you just don't care. 

Naming things that you like. 

Anything at all, you say I'm wasting time. 

Mumbling things that I couldn't hear. 

Ear to ear, you're putting me in fear. 
posted: 817 days ago
Sorry guys for not publishing the results nor holding a voting round but hope you all received my gifts! I think since all of you made such wonderful blingees and poems for this challenge, everyone deserves a prize. Well, I won't judge for the blingees section but I must say for the poems, japanfan12345's, αℓℓυ¢αя∂_нυηтяєѕѕ⊰'s and KittyCatRarity2's were my personal favorites. Some had advantages since I knew the anime characters and sakuranaruto had a clear disadvantage since I don't understand French so only google translate was available which obviously wouldn't be as well written as the original version but good job everyone!

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