kiss kill marry ☆ 20th Contest

posted: 884 days ago
Sorry for leaving previous contests unfinished and going off for so long, it's been more than 3 months since I last accessed blingee. Studies, extracurricular activities, sports, art and other entertainment had me wanting to take a break from blingee. I won't update contests as much as before but I'd still like to host some from time to time. Please join and hope you have fun!
posted: 884 days ago
H O M U R A A K E M I D C G A 
E D W A R D E L R I C B S O Y 
Y F F U L D Y E K N O M Q Z I 
T E L R A C S A Z R E Z Q A K 
Y C N A R T S I O L A A J J O 
O O T O R I K Y O U Y A O U T 
K U R O R O L U C I L F E R E 
A T O I H S A S I G A N K J S 
N A M R E K C A I V E L G U O 
I J N I H S O K A R I H H O N 
L A J A S U N A Y U U K I C I 
K O N A T A I Z U M I V F G H 
K C Y D L O Z A U L L I K K C 
D U B I A S A G O N U Y P B I 

♒ comment on the name of the first anime character you see and know (the first and last name are connected together, also some are spelt backwards)
♒ comment on whether you would rather kiss, kill or marry that character
♒ create a blingee with that anime character (you can only switch characters if you give me a valid reason e.g. can't find any stamps of that character)

Deadline ✉ 24/09/2017
Max entry ✉ 2 (but with the same anime character)

***If you really can't find any anime character's name, though unlikely, comment on here or on my chat blingee so I can tell you the list of characters (but only if you ask at least 2 days before the deadline) Same goes for if you don't know any of the anime characters. Just tell me if you still wish to participate and I'll think of alternative methods! ^-^

***If you want me to extend the deadline by one or two days, please feel free to ask

***I can either give a gift or a blingee for ones who can find all 16 of the characters but if too many succeeds, then only the first 3 will get special prizes :)

~The winner will get an advantage in the next Halloween challenge but if they don't respond, then the priority goes to the second place and so on~ This is additional to the normal prizes and it's only for this contest
posted: 884 days ago
(I hope I'm right)
The first I see is Homura Akemi & I rather marry her because her back story is almost similar to me (;*△*;)
Edit: Here is my blingee ( Same Homura is one of my favorite too ^^
posted: 884 days ago
i see at fist konata , im give her a kiss ( why not :v ), and , here is the bling :
( god , i runned doing it :,v )
posted: 883 days ago
the first one i see is edward elric and i would give him a kiss ( cuz why not  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

my blingee: ━
posted: 883 days ago
The first one I saw was Edward Elric, and without a doubt, I would marry with him.

posted: 883 days ago
The first I see is Konata Izumi and I would give her a kiss, because I love his personality.  (~˘▾˘)~ 

posted: 882 days ago
The first I see is ichinose tokiya  I would marry with him :)
posted: 796 days ago
First character I saw was Homura. And I'd kiss her because she is so pretty ^_^

My entry:

In the Spotlight

spring girl for challenge

created by: Meinckella09

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