attack on titan ☆ 22nd Contest

posted: 41 days ago
Due to personal preference, our next theme is the anime attack on titan! No limitations on how you make the blingee, just please make a blingee with characters from AOT. Sigh, shouldn't have read spoilers lately... T---TTT

Deadline ⚔ 1st July
Max Entry ⚔ 3

Have fun! And ahem, I mentioned that I've read spoilers but hope you won't if you haven't watched/ read it yet... :/ also live action of AOT kind of sucked, how could they remove Levi from the movie!!
posted: 41 days ago
First entry!
posted: 41 days ago
My entry: <3
posted: 40 days ago
posted: 39 days ago
My first entry:
posted: 39 days ago
my entry !
posted: 38 days ago
Hiya, first entry!
posted: 38 days ago
My entry:
posted: 35 days ago
My first entry:
My second entry:
posted: 34 days ago
My entries:
posted: 30 days ago
Second entry:
third and final entry might be coming up soon~
posted: 29 days ago
final entry: 
that was fun! best of luck to all participants♥

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