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This is the official Kawaii Potato group on Blingee! If you can do cool GIFS of Kawaii Potato,join in this group! If you want to be a manager of this group,message me first and gift me. -meow- KAWAII POTATO ARMY!!!

  • Founder: -meow-
  • Number of Members: 1
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Hey kawaii potatos!

How to join in this group:
Do a Blingee GIF of Kawaii Potato then post it(friend me first so i can see)
If you got 4 or 5 stars from me,you can join!!
If you got less than 3 stars,sorry,you cannot join.
How to be a manager:
You should be in this group for max 6 months;
Do the coolest and biggest Kawaii Potato Blingee GIF(a GIF that can include celebrities,other characters like Kawaii Potato etc);
Then,wait a bit for a message and you are admitted!

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