CLOSED Pro Challenge Idea Contest ~ 7/12/2018

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posted: 35 days ago
Hello  Folks and welcome to the weekly Pro-Challenge contest, Ideas are fun, and fun is important to everyone. Place your Ideas here, and at the end of the week, we vote on them. Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see your ideas. LUVS. :)

The winner of this challenge will get a challenge posted on the blingee main page for free, paid for by The Challenge Group Founders credits. 

If you have an idea for a challenge you can post it here or if you can't think of anything, you can choose from ideas given by other member in the link below.
posted: 35 days ago
Jessica Allain art, found her on google search. Her work is pretty good.
posted: 35 days ago
Some good, old Disney classics turned into goth would be interesting. <3
posted: 35 days ago
Futuristic people and buildings
posted: 34 days ago
Taufe (deutsch) ยด

baptism (English)
posted: 34 days ago
Your own pic/selfie
posted: 34 days ago
love the country side landscaping (farms, cattle, horses, chickens) The Simple Life, surrounded by the beauty of nature. 
posted: 34 days ago
Gothic Egyptian
posted: 34 days ago
posted: 34 days ago
what if we made blingee that create awareness for our favorite cause? We can call it  The Raise Awareness Challenge. 

I wouldn't be just one cause,it would be what ever cause means the most to ther person entering the challenge. This way we will have blingees made for many different causes.
posted: 34 days ago
summer on the beach
posted: 33 days ago
love of Dogs one....that would be cool 
or even favorite band or member. 
Anything with Unicorns {I know but I love them} 
posted: 32 days ago
I like the favorite cause idea...and also I love daisies so something with daisises....
posted: 32 days ago
pink anime summer
posted: 31 days ago
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