Need help

posted: 209 days ago
I lost internet on Sat. I know that I need close voting but all that I have is a cellphone with limited internet. Can someone please close the voting for me. This Will be the only message that I will be able to post. Thank you. Hugs to all of my Challenge group family.
posted: 209 days ago
Can some one also let those in The Celebrity Group know too. Thank you in advance.
posted: 208 days ago
Hi! I closed the voting time for the Challenge Group, but I never joined the Celebrity Group yet,
and so you need to ask someone that belongs to that group who can make a new post! Good luck on your WiFi internet connection!! Love and Hugs!!
posted: 199 days ago
Hello dear Sarah, I would like to help you, but my English is too bad. In addition, I already manage 2 groups, so I have little time. I wish you all the best with the internet. Best regards, Silja.
posted: 187 days ago
Hello folks, the internet is back for a while. I can open and close challenges, but making blingees will be a challenge as the internet source is free through our local library so it lags really bad. I will announce winners of last series of challenges tomorrow. I am so sorry that this took so long, but I am back and hoping that we can get things back running full force soon. HUGS to everyone. Thank you all for being patient.

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