The Magic Destiny

The Magic Destiny

This group is dedicated only to my relationships. Read the timeline to know more info. Join if you're interested.

  • Founder: Teodoruka
  • Number of Members: 110
  • Number of Blingees: 602
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Icon: Verdoyante: ♡ ♡ being the winner of the Sixth Contest! Congratulations!

Second place: nikkijane78: ♡ ♡

Third place: BBB338: ♡ ♡


Hello and welcome in our group! Let me make an introduction.
My name is Teodora and I'm a Noble White Witch. I live together with those boys. My destiny put them there. I didn't choose this way. This is how my path was chosen. And I cannot do anything about it.
This group, first, was based on my two fiances, but, through the time, others appeared. And I couldn't keep the group theme because i felt that i'm underrating my other relationships. So, I decided to make a common name for all my relationships.
I named this group "The Magic Destiny" because everything happened by magic.
Enjoy staying here! Everyone is warmly welcomed! This group is for everyone who ships those real-life-relationships~ 

*Note: This group is dedicated only to my relationships. If you don't like what you see, please do not insult and leave. Nobody forces you to stay.


Sephodora: Sephiroth x Teodora
Vincentora: Vincent Valentine x Teodora
Adriadora: Undertaker (Adrian Crevan) x Teodora
Hugodora: Hugue de Watteau x Teodora
Gilodora: Gilbert Nightray x Teodora
Tykidora: Tyki Mikk x Teodora
Byakudora: Byakuya Kuchiki x Teodora
Riodora: Rio Satomi x Teodora
Aizenodora: Aizen Sosuke x Teodora
Minadora: Minatsuki x Teodora
Urodora: Uro x Teodora
Senbonzadora: Senbonzakura x Teodora
Susabiodora: Susabi x Teodora
Crowleyodora: Crowley Eusford x Teodora
Itachiodora: Itachi Uchiha x Teodora
Kakashiodora: Kakashi Hatake x Teodora
Mifuneodora: Mifune x Teodora
Raizelodora: Raizel x Teodora


> How to make a Blingee for this group?
Simply search stamps with the couple name you want to make a Blingee with. (See the couple names above)

Not any Blingee is allowed in this group! If your Blingee doesn't contain a stamp with one of the couples, it will be deleted!




>> What is a contest?
A contest is a competition with a theme. I am the one who is choosing the theme. And I'm also inserting a link where you can find the stamps for the theme. So all you have to do is to make the Blingee as creative as you can.
You make the Blingee with the theme I give you and then when it's the voting round, you vote for your favorite.
The Blingee with the most votes, gets to be the icon for at least 90 days. I'm usually making a Top 3.
I'm normally closing the contest when there are at least 5 entries.

>> Rules:
1) You have to use AT LEAST one stamp from the link I give you. If your Blingee doesn't contain any stamps with the theme, you'll be disqualified.
2) ALWAYS make sure to add the Blingee in the group, so if you win, I'll put it as icon. 
3) You are NOT allowed to vote for yourself in the voting round.

First Contest Winners:

first place: AloisY ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: .Zoey.101. ----> ♡ ♡

third place: shakadevirgem1999 ----> ♡ ♡


Happy 2nd year Anniversary,Vincentora winners:

first place: titi269 ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: piedad5007 ----> ♡ ♡

third place: m.believer ----> ♡ ♡


Second Contest Winners:

first place: Ngirl364 ----> ♡ ♡

second place: ZacSmith ----> ♡ ♡

third place: 24karatgold ----> ♡ ♡


Third Contest Winners:

first place: ----> ♡ ♡ 

second place: piedad5007 ----> ♡ ♡

third place: BBB338 ----> ♡ ♡


Happy 3rd Year Anniversary,Sephodora winners:

first place: BBB338 ----> ♡ ♡

second place: MariaFlorencia ----> ♡ ♡

third place: MurderDoll5 ----> ♡ ♡


Fourth Contest Winners:

first place: elizamio ----> ♡ ♡

second place: Tillyda ----> ♡ ♡

third place: feliciaswellis ---->  ♡ ♡


Fifth Contest Winners:

first place: Verdoyante ----> ♡ ♡

second place: BBB338 ----> ♡ ♡

third place: LNA550 ----> ♡

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