Contest 3! CLOSED!

posted: 1097 days ago
*If we do more team contests, I marked this as featured so people can find it easier bc it explains the team contest rules*

Hello! Are you guys excited for contest 3?? Well..this contest is different. These new contest types will be called 'team contests' But still have the same rules for the normal contests (see rules on profile.), except for one rule will be added for team contests. I will assign each person to a team and each member of each team will make one blingee for that movie. So example, If a team is Disney and another Pixar, I will put several people on Disney and several on Pixar. Then I assign one movie to each team. In the end, I will look through each team's blingees and decide which one is best. And you cannot make a team blingee with only one character, your minimum is 2, so you must have 2 or more characters in the blingee.
OK here are the teams.

Marvel - Doctor Strange DC - Suicide Squad

Here are the people assigned to each team.

1. .zoey.101.
2. dogsrulenotdrool
3. Elfin96
4. Sephírɸth.Cresceɳt
5. ilovewebkinz23
6. Beℓℓatrix
7. ForeverTwilight
8. KittyKatRarity2
9. lightupthemoon♡
10. Оло_оло
11. x.samm.x
12. Violetta_Rebekinha
13. sparklegirl336
14. Zhoy101

Suicide Squad
2. Amazing_Anna
3. CameraGirl101
4. kagome5001
5. bilokasato
6. Jα¢ḱ92
7. Teodoruka
8. cammie7771944
9. tbitw93
10. αℓℓυ¢αя∂_нυηтяєѕѕ⊰
11. skinnylove
12. nerdygirlforever
13. SandyQueen101
14. talkingdreams✨
15. yuffie.valentine 

Good Luck Y'all!

If needed people can make two entries, but not yet!!

posted: 1096 days ago
suicide squad:
posted: 1096 days ago
suicide squad
posted: 1096 days ago
Doctor Strange:
posted: 1096 days ago
Dr Strange
posted: 1096 days ago
suicide squad
posted: 1096 days ago
Suicide Squad :
posted: 1095 days ago
suicide squad:

Clever Idea! :) Good Luck!
posted: 1094 days ago
Suicide Squad~
posted: 1091 days ago
Doctor Strange -
posted: 1091 days ago

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