Contest 4: Favorite Stamp

posted: 37 days ago
this contest will have a few phases

1st phase will be to post your favorite stamp

2nd phase will be when we will vote on the stamp to use the stamp with the most votes will be used to make the contest blingee.

3rd phase will be where the winning stamp will be used to make the blingee

Then there will be a voting stage where you will vote for the winner.

PHASE 1: The Stamps!

posted: 37 days ago
posted: 36 days ago
Neat idea! Here's my favorite stamp:
posted: 35 days ago
posted: 34 days ago
Does the stamp have to be an anime character? 
if not then here is my fave non-anime one:
in case it has to be an anime character then this one is my fave:
posted: 30 days ago
One of your stamps is my favorite!
posted: 13 days ago
I just used this and realized it was a favorite stamp I've used:

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