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  • Girls of Pokemon!

    Girls of Pokemon!

    6 Members

    Whether it be protags, villains, gym leaders or just a NPC you seen or like, let's show...

  • ❤pokèmon-girls❤


    43 Members

    Vi piacciono Misty, Vera, Lucinda, Cetra, tutte le altre pokè-girls e i pokèmon in gene...

  • ☆♥☆Misty Kasumi Fans!!!!♥☆♥

    ☆♥☆Misty Kasumi...

    5 Members

    Enter here who loves Misty (Kasumi) of Pokémon Who think she's the best girl of the ...

  • Pokemon Humans

    Pokemon Humans

    38 Members

    Love Pokemon Join Please

  • pokéshippers  di tutto blingee unitevi!!!! XD

    pokéshippers d...

    5 Members

    pokéshipping x sempre nel nostro cuore!!!!!

  • ╰☆╮קoкe๓oא  Coאteรt╰☆╮

    ╰☆╮קoкe๓oא Coא...

    8 Members

    ╰☆╮Coordinatori siete pronti ad un Nuovo קoкe๓oא Coאteรt ? IscriveteVi e mostrate i Vo...

  • ~*Pokemon Misty*~

    ~*Pokemon Misty*~

    33 Members

    You like Misty the first Pokemongirl? If so come in this Group!

  • pokeshipping


    53 Members

    This group is for people who suport pokeshipping and and like Ash and Mist just a chari...

  • Misty Pokemon fan club

    Misty Pokemon f...

    19 Members

    This is the fan club for Misty lovers!!

  • Default_group_image

    my pokemon group

    1 Members

    this is my pokemon group... ya


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