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  • Miley, Selena, Demi and More Official Fanclub

    Miley, Selena, ...

    1 Members

    This group is about celebrities such as Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus. But it's not only ...

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    1 Members

    This is A group for everything and anything famous!!! tell ur friends and maybe well be...

  • Cool Celebs

    Cool Celebs

    11 Members

    This is a group for celebrity blingee's.If u ask me to make a certain celebrity i will ...

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    Favorite Celebr...

    1 Members

    If you have all so glamorous blingees then you came to the right place. So i'm setting ...

  • Many Awesome Celebs!

    Many Awesome Ce...

    1 Members

    This group is home to several creative blingees of celebrities! Come Join the Fun! ...

  • !Celeb.Circle!


    17 Members

    This group is where you can request any celebrity for me to make a blingee of. Your fav...

  • ☺Disney Celebrities☺

    ☺Disney Celebri...

    4 Members

    This is 4 all disney celeb fanz!! Always remember to put your disney celeb blingees.

  • Clebridades de disney!!

    Clebridades de ...

    16 Members

    Aqui estaremos las que les gusten los famosos de disney como ashley tisdale, vanessa hu...

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    celebrities cen...

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    blingee celebs

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    a club tae learn a wee bit mere aboot ur fav celebs

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    yo yo

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    Sharpay Evens (...

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    It's all about the famouse Ashley Tisdale who acted in high school musical 1,2 & 3 know...

  • NeWWesT N  cooLest CeleBRitys

    NeWWesT N cooL...

    2 Members

    all the new and old celebs from this year this the 90s

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    Hot Celebrities...

    2 Members

    This Is A Group Where We Will Have Discussions About All The Hottest Celebs Around !

  • TheSuperAwesomeCrazzzyyGroup[:


    1 Members

    This Group Is For Reaaallllyyyy FunCrazyAwesomeFun People ;D

  • SM3XII_C3LEBR!T!3Z <33


    59 Members


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    we talk about e...

    1 Members

    so i was bored one day so i decided to make this group.this group talks about everythin...

  • *Celebrities*And*More*Including SMILEYS*


    70 Members

    In this group you can put any blingee as you wish,add anything and everything.

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    celebrities lovers

    1 Members

    this club is for people who like or dislike celebrities or have fav celebrities I n...

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