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  • *Celebrities*


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    Add blingees of your favorite celebrity.

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    ♥ Celebrity Lov...

    1 Members

    Heey This Groupe Is ONLY for them Who Like Celebrity Go Celebrity Go go XD

  • ♥ The Veronicas Lovers For Girls Only ♥

    ♥ The Veronicas...

    4 Members

    ☻ Welcome to the group, this group is for ♀'s ONLY. If any boy joins this group, I will...

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    LaDy Ga-Ga

    1 Members

    This is a group for all TRUE lady gaga fans!

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    ♥CeleBrity Lovers♥

    1 Members

    Heyy This Group Its For them Who Like Celebityes

  • ♦ Ashley Michelle Tisdale Fanz ♦

    ♦ Ashley Michel...

    10 Members

    Hiya! This is 4 all Ashley Tisdale Fans.You can hangout here to talk about Ashley.

  • Kim Jae Joong fans

    Kim Jae Joong fans

    7 Members

    Yo ppls! Only for ppl who like Kim Jae Joong

  • The Best Celebrity Blingee Group

    The Best Celebr...

    1 Members

    A group of people that like to make blingees of any celebrities and enter them in conte...

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    Join Lady GaGa fans. :)

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    Hannah Montana ...

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    in this group lets talk about hannah montana.

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    Miley Cyrus #1 ...

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    Tis group is for anybody that is a fan of Miley Cyrus! We will make the most beautiful ...

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    Jo Bro's

    4 Members

    This group is about the rocken... JONAHS BROTHERS

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    Red carpet cele...

    2 Members

    Hey all of you people out there if you like a celebrity thats a red carpet celebrity we...

  • Celebrity Female And Male Group 00

    Celebrity Femal...

    30 Members

    join put your female and male celebs in the group enjoy!

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    Salena Gomez Lo...

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    This group is for people who lovee! Salena Gomez! I think shes really awesomme :D

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    who hates rihana

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  • famous fans

    famous fans

    16 Members

    teen fans blingee disney miley ashley hsm demi selena

  • Celeb Info

    Celeb Info

    1 Members

    Here you can talk ,gossip ,post or do anything about famous or non-famous Celebs!!!!

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    Celebrity Lovers

    4 Members

    If ur a celebrity lover like, Vennessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. Join me.

  • Selena Gomez -Update!

    Selena Gomez -U...

    8 Members

    This group is for Selena Gomez fans it will have an update of Selena Gomez as much as p...

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