mimib06 says:

10 days ago
Today is wonderful day.
***** Blingee Staying *****

Aurora-Lucia says:

11 days ago
BLINGEE does not close and do not get paid but if we voulous we can contribute by purchasing credits BIG KISSES Aurora

mimib06 says:

12 days ago
Thank you to all my friends,hugs Mira.

aneczka1 says:

12 days ago
Ceść Andżi!!!
Szkoda,że nie mogę skontaktować się z Tobą.
Napisałam dwa maile do Ciebie i niestety odpowiedzi nie mam do tej pory, a szkoda!
Zamykają stronę, niestety.
Zostajesz w mojej pamięci.
Znajdziesz mnie na PicMix, a zresztą masz do mnie nazwę maila......
Jak na razie muszę Ciebie tutaj pożegnać,Ania:))

Anahuarque says:

14 days ago
Greetings Anzelina! It's me Rimay. Stopping by to greet you! Sad to hear about Blingee site closing down. You always were, are such beautiful friend. If you open an account in Pix Mix. Find me there, username still Anahuarque. My email adfress is and if you have a Facbook account, find me under Anahuarque Quintanilla and email I just ptovided. Thanks! Hoping to hear from you!

melarocks says:

16 days ago
Hello dear friend.. I am very sad.. :( I hope they will come back... If you want to stay in touch you can send me an email : or send a friend request on facebook :

Aurora-Lucia says:

17 days ago
Hello I have just learned that the site will close and I'm sad because even though our friendship was that virtual n she was sincere and I 'liked to share my creativity, so I can not bring myself to what it ends thus, I just found a similar quote or I just m register under the same name, I will be very happy that you m 'will join kisses
Thank you for sharing with friends

augusts says:

43 days ago
..this you must transelate from norwegian,haha, because life feels good these summerdays up north with nights so precious, the light mam! ..the light I send you;)
..livet er usikkert, spis desserten først ღ♥♫
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