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In case you were wondering, a California Sister is a butterfly. (Yes, I love butterflies) :D Anywho, hello there- Feel free to send me a friend request & don't be a stranger. I love making new friends!!

I joined blingee on April 1st, 2014 (not an april fools joke, I promise haha!), and I love it here! 

I love looking at all of your beautiful blingees and try to comment on every one of them- I always rate them 5*. 

I'm here on Blingee to stay. I apologize for my absence when I am away, but I am a college student and I do get very busy when the school year comes around. I'm working on becoming a teacher! (: 

♪ A few of my favorite things are: Butterflies, Koalas, the colors Purple & Green, Chocolate, and Nature ♪

As for pets, I currently have a sweet kitty cat who is putting on the pounds, a tortoise that I have raised from an egg and will likely outlive me (my science teacher brought them & gave them away when I was in high school!), a very sassy corn snake named Corny, and some fish (one of which I have had since middle school- around 6-7 years old??).

Thank you to all my wonderful friends- you have made my time on here very enjoyable! (: 


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Laureannesophie says:

237 days ago
 Schöne Ostertage! Angelika
Wird es nun bald Ostern sein?
Kommt hervor, ihr Blümelein,
komm hervor, du grünes Gras
komm herbei, du Osterhas!
Komm doch bald und fehl mir nicht,
bring auch deine Eier mit.

Laureannesophie says:

271 days ago
Ein kleiner Gruß zum
Frauentag♥Woman's Day



Laureannesophie says:

294 days ago
Einen wunderschönen Valentinstag!
Happy St. Valentine's Day
Bonne St. Valentin
Feliz Dia de San Valentin
честит ден на валентинките
с днем ​​святого валентина
szczęśliwych walentynek
Fijne Valentijnsdag


Laureannesophie says:

340 days ago
Für meine Freunde♥to my friends♥


Laureannesophie says:

347 days ago
♥Merry christmas time to you
Happy days and blessings true
Golden Joys and fortunes bright
And a heart that's ever light.♥


Laureannesophie says:

349 days ago
Wo wir auf Menschlichkeit bauen,
leuchten Sterne.
© Jo M. Wysser


Laureannesophie says:

356 days ago
Einen schönen 3. Advent wünscht dir Angelika♥
nice 3rd Advent♥
In den adventverklärten Himmel,
wiegt dich zart ein Licht empor.
Was wäre all dein Sinnen
ohne Sternenflor.
© Beat Jan

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