╚═►«Cℓaire's Chaηηeℓ»*•.¸♔¸.•*

             ╔╗ ♥
░▒███████ Hallo zusammen ^^ mein Name ist Claire 
░██▓▒░░▒▓██ Redfield. Ich bin schon lange auf der 
██▓▒░__░▒▓██___██████ Suche nach meinem Bruder Chris.
██▓▒░____░▓███▓__░▒▓██ Doch leider hab ich ihn noch 
██▓▒░___░▓██▓_____░▒▓██ nicht gefunden... T^T
██▓▒░_______________░▒▓██ Da ich in einem blöden 
_██▓▒░______________░▒▓██ Zombie Überfall verwickelt
__██▓▒░____________░▒▓██ wurde, bin ich nun auch 
___██▓▒░__________░▒▓██ Mitglied be der Polizei. 
____██▓▒░________░▒▓██ Obwohl ich keine Ahnung von 
_____██▓▒░_____░▒▓██ Kampftechniken oder Waffen hab, 
______██▓▒░__░▒▓██ nur das bisschen, was mir mein 
_______█▓▒░░▒▓██ Bruder beigebracht hat. Mit dieser
_________░▒▓██ Aktion hab ich Leon S. Kennedy 
_______░▒▓██ kennengelernt. Um ehrlich zu sein, der 
_____░▒▓██ ist schon ein niedlicher Typ *(≧◡≦)*
 █████████████████ 100% Chris Redfield Lover

 █████████████████ 100% Albert Wesker Lover

 █████████████████ 100% Steve Burnside Lover

 █████████████████ 100% Leon S. Kennedy Lover
     - - - - - - M - A - D - E - - I - N - - H - E - A - V - E - N - - - - - - 

©1oo% ояqιиаℓ ряоƒιℓέ ®  =(ᴖᴥᴖ)=


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AnimeFan456 says:

2127 days ago

danke fürs annehmen,

wie gehts dir so?



thx for you the friendship accept

how are you?^^

AlexiaA02 says:

2151 days ago
Hello Add Me On Bebo it is AlexiaA02

xXxXLightXxXx says:

2221 days ago

2009abc says:

2386 days ago
I am doing well, and you? :3

cuteblaze says:

2393 days ago
ஜi am good,how was your spring breakஜ

xxRESIEVILADD... says:

2402 days ago
Oh before I forget I want too show you this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-ceYVjdLL8

I hope you enjoy it I mostly love it!! It amazing! Demyx!! "Dance Water Dance!" There also few other Demyx MMD at the side of the bar of recommadtions! ^_^

xxRESIEVILADD... says:

2402 days ago
Oh for college next year am thinking of doing NC Arts & Animation! The course am doing now doesn't have enough of art and animation it soo boring with the hardware and system topic & I hate the programming parts I got like 3 times on my timetable!! >:(

I did a Demyx sketch at home looking at the image on PC and I drawed him without looking at him at college a few times and axel too!! It not as great but it the best I can do...


xxRESIEVILADD... says:

2402 days ago
Well Demyx is my favourite Character out of all Kingdom Hearts characters and video games character too! Axel is my second fave he's very close! Zexion is my third fave! Demyx well I have never been so sad and angry at a annoying boss battle ever I screamed at him for killing me over a week of trying to kick his ass over and over It took me very long! but I manage to beat him and he's......NOOOOOOO! That was 5 years ago when I first played throw KH2! And I still hate that part! It makes me cry:(

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