I get overflown by nostalgia whenever I log in.

This profile is really old! I was considering moving onto a new one, but... this profile "feels comfy".
It brings back so many memories... I refuse to restart.

Sorry! Here I am rambling about my past again.

Name: Denise
Age: 15
Nationality: Italian
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a preference for women
Gender: Female
Hobbies: Playing videogames, watching anime, drawing, listening to music, singing and talking to new people.
Telegram: @TenenteDenyKnight
Discord: Tenente DenyKnight#1364

Fav. Videogame series:
-Mega Man
-Super Smash Bros.
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Taiko no Tatsujin

Fav. Anime
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
-Mob Psycho 100

Fav. kind of music/artists
-Lo-fi (favorite artist: j^p^n)
-Future Funk
-City Pop
-Le Vibrazioni (an Italian group)

Editing is fun! Some of my friends think it's quite pathetic that I'm back on this site, but I think this place is nice and welcoming unlike many other social networks...

Se anche voi siete fan di Kirby e volete stare in contatto con me e altri fan, aggiungetevi al gruppo su Telegram!

Sad Italian moment that I won't write in English because whatever:
*Momento triste*
Non so cosa io ci faccia qua ora, dopo 3 o più anni di non utilizzo. Tutti abbiamo migrato verso altri social network e non abbiamo più guardato questo povero sito, che negli anni dal 2007 al 2014 mi ha divertita davvero tanto e ha altrettanto divertito tante altre persone.
Era divertentissimo vivere nel ricaricare la pagina ogni secondo per vedere la scritta "Nuovi commenti ricevuti!" oppure cercare i migliori stamp per riempire il cofanetto, ed era fantastico anche partecipare ai concorsi ottenendo tanti bei distintivi e soddisfazione. 
La cosa migliore era fare amicizie con persone da tutta l'Italia che condividevano la mia stessa passione per gli anime, o per semplicemente chiacchierare e farsi regalini.
Ho passato davvero molto tempo su questo sito, e ho fatto molte amicizie. Ora non so dove tutta quella gente sia... forse all'estero, forse con una famiglia tutta sua, forse a studiare o forse a lavorare. 
Ciò che spero è che quelle persone si ricordino dei tempi passati a apportare semplici modifiche a immagini carine per ottenere tanti commenti e voti positivi, e magari nuovi amici!
Non c'è più nessuno su questo sito. E' deserto. Tutte le amicizie si sono come polverizzate. Persino i concorsi sono praticamente vuoti e non c'è più l'allegria nello stare nei gruppi che parlavano di anime, manga o quant'altro.

Vi ringrazio tanto per aver reso la mia infanzia felice, avrei solo voluto godermela un po' di più dal momento che purtroppo sto avendo un'adolescenza più che travagliata.

Bye bye a tutti. Reincontriamoci nel passato.


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passionpussycat says:

11 days ago
Hi Finleyissima....How are you doing? TYSVM for joining my circle :) That's so very SWEET & THOUGHTFUL Of *Y*O*U*:) Your Blingees *ROCK*:) I am looking forward to seeing,voting, & commenting on ALL your future blingees:):)TYSVM for ALL your Votes,Comments & ROCKING FRIENDSHIP :) They will ALWAYS be CHERISHED & TREASURED
*F*O*R*E*V*E*R* :)

Have A Fabulous Tuesday :)
Your *FOREVER* Friend,

Bon.♥ says:

27 days ago
'cause I didn't wanna have more than one account around lol
didn't know unused stamps would vanish... guess it makes sense, but still. oh well! too late now. /shrug

Bon.♥ says:

28 days ago
I deleted my old blingee account and all the unused stamps vanished... RIP all those Splatoon stamps and some aesthetic ones ;_;

Bon.♥ says:

30 days ago
I don't really have any preferences between parts, but I do have a strong love for part 1 that most people don't have, it seems. part 6 is great, probably has my favorite cast tbh. haha, yep, I heard about that... tho if I hadn't already, I would have from you. I am pretty pumped about it. Giorno my boy....... yes...

Bon.♥ says:

31 days ago
part 5 was p meh. for me, I just found the villains to be so... petty? story wasn't entirely engaging, but I really like Giorno and Narancia(RIP). I like part 6, aside from the end. I don't like, pay attention to the fanbase or anyone's opinions. part 6 has an excellent cast and engaging story tho! ah, I see. I quite like part 7, I just haven't had the motivation. but also, I have a lot of stuff vying for my attention, and ADHD and anxiety make it difficult to do all the things. EVENTUALLY.

Bon.♥ says:

31 days ago
I do like Giorno a lot tho. Jolyne is such a dear, omg. I haven't gotten to part 8 yet. my motivation to read part 7 disappeared a while back, tho I did get through a little more since then. I ran through 5 and 6 relatively quickly, haha. I've got... 8 bit Link, Shovel Knight, Chibi-Robo, Mega Man, Wario(Mario series), both Bayonetta amiibo, Callie and Marie, original inkling girl, Mr. Resetti and King Dedede. I want Smash Bros. Wario the most of all... perhaps someday. ;v; 

Bon.♥ says:

31 days ago
yeah, they're my faves... kinda. but then also, Jolyne and Johnny are such precious dears... it's too hard. how anyone can have a single favorite is beyond me. oh wow, neat! I do not have any nifty figures like that, but I do have quite a few amiibo. the only really cool amiibo I have as of yet is the Bayonetta player 2 one. I'm really hype to buy the Pearl one. I'm not a big Marina fan and would rather buy just Pearl, but I will also take Marina I guess. still want the new girl inkling one...

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