This Account is 2016 over 8 years old. :)

My Account when I was 14 (2016, I'm 21 now). So many Memories. Thank you, Blingee for that :) (Nevertheless, this Profile is so embarrassing to me now :D)

I'm 1oo% German!!
PLease write only ENGLISH and GERMAN with me ♥
Thanks (:
❤ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ❤ Are you someone who says:"The JB's are gay!" Do NOT add me!  I LθVΣ DJ DΛПGΣΓ❤
❤U don't know how much u mean to me❤

╔═╦═╦══╦╗ ╔╗╔═╦╦╦═╦══╦═╗
║║║═╣║║║║ ║║║║║║║═╠╗╔╣║║
║║║═╣║║║║ ║╚╣║║║║║║║║║║║
╚═╩═╩╩╩╩╝ ╚═╩═╩═╩╩╝╚╝╚═╝

Name: Lisa *i hate it..*
Nickname: Lis, Pudding xD
Age: 14
Birthday: 12th october 1995
Fav.CoLor: PurpLe, BLack And White
Pet: BLack cat, MorLe *Love u my LittLe crumb :* *

❤..נσиαѕ вяσтнєяѕ тнєy αяє тнє вєѕт..❤
❤..נσє נσиαѕ ιѕ ѕσ нσσσт..❤
❤..кєνιи נσиαѕ ιѕ ѕσ ѕєxу..❤
❤..иι¢к נσиαѕ ιѕ ѕσ вєαυтιfυℓ..❤

♥I Love:♥
- Jonas Brothers!! 
- Demi Lovato
- Miley Cyrus
- Danielle Jonas 
- Paramore

- TayLor Swift
- CheLsea Staub
- Selena Gomez
- ALL Camp Rock Stars

☺I Like:☺
- AvriL Lavigne
- NicoLe Anderson 
- Vanessa Hudgens
- AshLey TisdaLe
- No AngeLs  
- Tokio HoteL

☻I don't Like:☻
- Robert Pattinson
- Kristen Stewart
♦I Hate:♦
- Metro Station!!!
- CamiLLa BeLLe
- Anna + Anna xP SILLY BITCHES!!

--> all in order <--

- Kevin: Would you Please take 
The Banana away from me?!!

- Kevin : Joe will you marry me?
Joe : Sure, why not, let's get married!


The BezZtys :)

- VikaLi.Mieeze
- ♥JBgirl♥ 
- LuLyXD
- BEstar11
- Serena...S
- seren-girl
- Miiley_Cyrus_
- cristina12jb
- JonasBroters12349
- and more..
'Not In Order'
*if i forget u.. plz tell me.. i'm sry :* *

Our Friendship Is Tighter Than The JoBros Pants xD

LoVe Is LiKe ThE sEa.   It LeAvEs YoU oN yOuR kNeEs   ThEn It PuLLs YoU iN   aNd ThEn It TaKeS yOu OvEr -♥-

"If you can make a girl laugh, 
you can make a girl do anything."

Don't Stop Belivin'


WORK like you don't need the money;
LOVE like you've never been hurt;
DANCE like nobody's watching....

ONE thing u should know about me....





уσυ ѕαу σмg 
ι ѕαу σмנ 
уσυ ѕαу ι'м ωєιя∂ 
ι ѕαу тнαт'ѕ נυѕт тн ωαу ωє яσℓℓ 
уσυ ѕαу ωє'яє σνєя 
ι ѕαу gσσ∂ηιgнт αη∂ gσσ∂вує 
уσυ ѕαу ιт'ѕ нσт 
ι ѕαу ιт'ѕ вυяηιη' υρ 
уσυ ѕαу нєℓρ мє 
ι ѕαу ѕσѕ 
уσυ ѕαу нєу тнєяє 
ι ѕαу нєℓℓσ вєαυтιƒυℓ 
уσυ ѕαу ι ∂яινє уσυ ηυтѕ 
ι ѕαу уσυ gσт мє gσιη' ¢яαzу 
уσυ ѕαу ƒσяєνєя 
ι ѕαу єтєяηιту 
ωнαт ¢αη ι ѕαу؟ 
ι'м α נσηαѕвяσтнєяѕƒαη 
ι нανє σנ∂-σвѕєѕѕιση נσηαѕ ∂ιѕєαѕє!!!!!!!!

98% σƒ тнє gιяℓѕ ωσυℓ∂ ƒαιηт ιƒ σηє σƒ тнє נσηαѕ вяσтнєяѕ кιѕѕє∂ тнєм!ιƒ уσυя тнє σηє 98% ρυт тнιѕ ση уσυя ρяσƒιℓє!

PeopLe who say that the Jonas Brothers are gay, are unknowing! Are you someone who say this do not add me!

╚══`.¸.´ Joey

icн ωill das
s℮iη. dass du iη di℮
icн ωill das
s℮iη. dass du küssт.
●● icн ωill das
s℮iη dass du zuм
bяiηgsт. ●●
icн ωill das
s℮iη. das diя
f℮нLт. ●●
icн ωill das
s℮iη. aη das du
d℮ηksт. ●●
icн ωill das
s℮iη. auf das du sтoLz
bisт. ●● icн
ωill das мädcн℮η
s℮iη. d℮ss℮η
ηäн℮ du sucнsт.
●● icн ωill das
s℮iη. мiт
d℮M du d℮iη℮
●● icн ωill das
s℮iη. das du

╚╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ Thє Jσηas вrσthєrs 


[JB without Kevin is like...
...Zac Without Vanessa
...Jason Without His Birdhouse
...Hannah Without A Wig
...London Without Money
...Shane Without Mitchie
...Peter Pan Without Wendy
...Demi Without Miley
...Ketchup Without Mayo
...Wizards Without Magic
...Bella Without Edward
...Nick Without His Piano
...A Heart Without Love
...Camp Rock Without Music
...A Song Without Feelings
...A World without the BEST guitarist!]
(copy and paste this, if u LOVE K²!!)




To the brothers of rock and pop,
I pledge my love that will never stop.
They make me laugh, they make me cry,
they are heroes, and there's a million and one reasons why.
I love how cute and dedicated they are,
it's 100% true they are rock stars.
They make my heart melt when they sing,
and also when they strum those guitar strings.
I just want to say Nick, Kevin, and Joe,
I really love you and hope it shows.
So I pledge this to JB, I will be a true fan for eternity!


1. vor meisti wegrennen
2. lis an mülltonne renn
3. mülltonne umfall
4. lis über mülltonne fall
5. ablach
6. weiterlauf
7. soph dreht sich um, um mit lis zu redn
8. soph läuft gegen laterne
9. lis hat aua knie
1o. soph hat aua am un im kopp

S: Ich setz mich gleich auf dich drauf!!  
L: :-D:-D:-D Jz hab ich Angst...  
S: Was denn? Hast du was gegen Homosexuelle?!  
L: ÄM.. Fass meinen Stuhl nich an!!! *Weiter mit Kissn kuschel*   
S: *Sich wieder an Stuhl lehn*  


║╔╗║║╔╗╔╗║╚╗  ╔╝
║║║║║║║║║║  ║  ║
║╚╝║║║║║║║╔╝  ║

Who/what is better?







Du schaust miich an und siiehst miich niicht ...! 
Iich Liiebe diich eiinfach soo scheiiß sehr doch du iinteressierst diich niicht mal für miich..! 
Iich Renne diir hiinterher....
Doch du häLLst nur Abstand ..!
Wiieso tut Liiebe so verdammt weh ??
Wiieso hab iich miich gerade iin den verLiiebt, der miich niiemaLs Liieben wiird?!

Wenn Joe Jonas zum President der USA gewählt worden wäre, dann...

...hätte jede Schule die gleich Uniform:  Hühnchenkostüme.
...würde jeder Schüler in der Schule lernen, wie man Spaghetti aus den Fingern schießt.
...würde die Nationalhymne ‚Muffin Man‘ heißen.
...würde man sich nur noch von Pizza, Muffins, Tee, Kaffee, Hühnchenkotlett mit Majo auf Sandwich und Red Bull ernähren.

Und ganz zum Schluss, bzw. nur ganz nebenbei, Kaffee ist ein Pflichtgetränk und gaaaanz wichtig: Es ist nicht schädlich (für normale Menschen...., aber Leute, die Joe Jonas zum Presidenten gewählt haben, KÖNNEN einfach nich normal sein [Geistesgestört].).

´´¶´´´´´´´´¶´´¶´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´¶´´´´´´´´´´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
¶´´´´´´´Demi Lovato´´´´´´ ¶ 
´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´ ¶´´ ¶´´´´´´´¶ 
´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´ ´¶¶´´´´´´´´´´¶ 
´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´¶´´´´´´``Miley Cyrus´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´¶´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´´´´¶¶´´`´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´´´´´ ¶ 
´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´¶´´´´´´ ¶ 

1. You know pretty much all the lyrics to all their songs.
2. You have a wall in your bedroom dedicated to them.
3. You spend hours online finding videos, interviews and photos of the boys.
4. You watch shows that you've never watched before just because they're on it.
5. You use phrases like OMJ and Poned! on the daily basis.
6. You use their lyrics to describe how you feel (e.g. It's like I'm walking on broken glass)
7. They're your friends on Myspace or Youtube.
8. You celebrate their birthdays (even Frankie's)
9. You cry when you hear Hello Beautiful or A Little Bit Longer.
10. You have either been to a concert or watched their concerts online.
11. They're your ringtone, desktop wallpaper or myspace layout.
12. You have listened to all of Nick's solo album.
13. You practically know everything about them e.g. favourite colour, songs and flavour ice-cream.
14. You love all the Jonas Brothers equally.
15. You know their full names and nicknames.
16. You can not wait until J.O.N.A.S
17. You have marked the air date of Camp Rock on your calendar.
18. You have already saved up for their next album.
19. You know all their lines from their Hannah Montana episode.
20. Everyone you know knows you love the Jonas Brothers- and you make sure of it!

Sponge: Sieh nur Patrick, damit saugt dir der böse
Schnarcher das Gehirn durch die Ohren raus!
Patrick: Ich habe aber keine Ohren!
Sponge: Wie kannst du dann hören, was ich sage?
Patrick: Hää?
Sponge: Wie kannst du dann hören, was ich sage?
Patrick: Wääh???
Sponge: Wie kannst du.. Ach, vergiss es!
Patrick: Ok. 

This Is Jonas Bunny.
Copy And Paste Jonas Bunny So He Can Gain WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!

You say Love Song, I say Love Bug; 
- You say Take a Bow, I say Take a Breath; 
- You say 4 Minutes, I say 6 Minutes; 
- You say 4:12, I say 7:05; 
- You say Hey There Delilah, I say Hello Beautiful; 
- You say Move Along, I say Move On; 
- You say 'in a bit', I say A Little Bit Longer; 
- You say 'one sec', I say Hold On; 
- You say 'help', I say SOS; 
- You say 'BFF', I say Just Friends; 
- You say 'tomorrow', I say Tonight; 
- You say I'm stuck in the past, I say We're the Kids of the Future; 
- You say I'm obsessed, I say I'm in love; 
- You say JB suck, I say you're wrong; 
- You say I'm crazy, I say I am What I am!; 
- You ask me 'Why do you love the Jonas Brothers????' and I say 'Cause that's just the way I roll!!!! 

|_____JONAS-- FAN BUS_|_| __\
|__________________ |_| ____|

Danielle isn't lucky because she married "a
Jonas". She is lucky because she married the love
of her life, a great guy.

This is a Nudelholz!
Take it und hau it on the Kopp
of a bekloppt Person
to give a better Gefühl than vorher ! 

❤Tooooooo muchhhh cofffeeeeeee!!!!! :/ - JJ❤

                ¢σρуяιgнт ©2๏1๏


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