Theres No picalily in this jar!

Hi my names alice!,

Yes thats my real name.
And i come from the rainiest place in the world called Enlgand but guess what?
I love it!
I absolutley adore chick flicks with chocolates n mates!The best person u will ever meet and have a sleepover is Nell Farro.
She is soooo awesome,th best bffl i will ever have.
Im in love with these bands,and i love frm them:

Fall out boy.(Patrick)
Jonas Brothers.(Joe)
You me at six.(Josh n Matt)
All time low.(Alex)
My chemical romance.(Frank)
30 seconds to mars.(Jared)
Cheap Girls.(Ben)
Enter Shikari.(Rou)

Christina aguilera is my alltime idol.She has been through so much in her life but it has only made her stronger.She has the most powerful voice in the world and has an amazing range,she is so beautiful and one day i hope i can be as good as her.But she wil always be the best.
I also look up to hayley williams who is also an amazing singer and she is so sweet and funny.
Her hear is the best in the world and shes one of the most coolets and talented people i know.
And Patrick Stump is my alltime love.
I honeslty dont give a care anymore of ppl think of him.Im too tired of it to care,If you were a nice enough person to give him a chance you could see how truly beautiful inside and out.He always helps me through my tough times.

I live by:
You only get to live once,live YOUR life how you want to.AND:
Pride must obide.


C'mon people,if you put yourslef down on how you look,work what you do have!And plz plz plz i cnt stress this enough!If you want the boys to take a second glance at you then miosturise and exfoliate is the key!Dry skin!Oh no!Look after your skin!Dont cake yourself in foundation!Your sufocating your skin!
And if youre a fan of straightners,plz never straightne your hair without heat protector first!


Now when it comes to hairy bodies,girls don't stress.
But PLZ dnt shave at ALL costs as the hair will grow back, sharp,prickly,split,black,and it will luck awful beacuse you will also be able to see where youve been with that razor!Now don't fret im on about mans razors!
But when it comes to waxing,IGNORE EVERYBODY!Come on girls it last up to a month,hair is smooth when it grows back,no prickles,lighter colour and it doesnt hurt as mch as you think if you are tender it hurts for less than second honestly!
Now with veet cream that stuff is a tricky mair!
It cauysed my legs to,bleed,itch and cover in spots it was AWFUL.But all skin is differnet and the effects are just the same as waxing,warning girls the stuff stinks of cat food!

Make-Up Tips:
Wear a bright lipstick with a bright eyeshadow it is TOO mch going on!You must never over power the look beacuse then it starts to look like a drag-queen darling!And when applying eyeliner cmon girls not underneath ur eye it goes on your water line!

that you think the Jonas Brothers 
are gay and only because they 
dont talk about hooking
up with girls in their music.

that you think they are pansies,
and only because they aren't cussing
at us through their music.

that you joke at me for being in 
love with them
and only because you dont know them,
and haven't given them a chance.

That they call girls beautiful
instead of sexy,
so you think that they are wussies
and only because you dont have 
the guts to call us beautiful instead, too.

That you think their music sucks
and only because they arent 
talking about getting drunk or high

that you haven't even given them a 
You haven't even listened to 
their music. And
you haven't even thought about 
the fact that girls LOVE when 
guys act like the Jonas
Brothers do
Ya know? Kind, Polite and Like Gentleman
And maybe if you acted that way
we may like you too

A Real Jonas Brother Fan does this...
You say Pink
I say orange, black, white, dot, clear
You say Hannah Montana
I say Joe,Nick,Kevin
You say Orlando Bloom 
I say Joe Jonas
You say Rap
I say Jonas Brothers music
You say Fall out boy
I say Jonas Brothers
You say lets jam
I say lets rock
You say we're over
I say Goodnight and Goodbye
You say i want you back
I say move on
You say i am weird
I say that's just the way I roll
You say chill
I say take a breath
You say i want it now
I say wait a little bit longer 

╚╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝The Jonas Brothers To DEATH!!

████████████████████ 100,000,000%
Jonas Brothers Fan

♥ Jonas Brothers♥
♥ It takes one second to like their looks♥
♥ It takes one hour to like their songs ♥
♥ It takes one day to fall in love with them♥
♥ It takes one entire lifetime to forget them

. . /´¯`/'. .'/´./¯`  Put this on your
. ./'/. /. . /. . /¨. /¯\  page, 
. ('(. . ´. . ´. .¯´/'. .') when you hate 
. .\. . . . . . . . .'. ./   Selena Gomez
. ..'\'. .\. . . . . ..´  4 goin out with 
. . . \. . . . . . . (   nick jonas
. . .. \. . . . . . .)   !!!HE'S OURS !!!

|_____JONAS-- FAN BUS_|_| __\
|__________________ |_| ____|



Joe_______Joe_____Joe___Joe_______Joe_Joseph Adam
Joe_____JosephAdamJonas_Joe_______Joe_Joseph Adam
Joe____Joe____Joe____Joe_Joe_____Joe__Joe___ ____
Joe____Joe___________Joe_Joe_____Joe__Joe___ ____
Joe_____Joe_________Joe___Joe___Joe___Joseph J.__
Joe______Joe_______Joe_____Joe_Joe____Joe___ ____
Joe_______Joe_____Joe______Joe_Joe____Joe___ ____
JoeAdamJ.___Joe_Joe_________JoeJ._____Joseph Adam
JoeAdamJ._____Joe____________Joe______Joseph Adam


☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●PeAcE,lOvE, jOnAs ●●

"Im gunna run in traffic....THERE ARE NO CARS IN OKLAHOMA!!!" -Joe


"My names mufasa, im the king of the land, ill come smack you with the back of my hand!" -Kevin

"See these muscles...they can WRECK you!" -Kevin

"I cant dance so people call me special" -Kevin

Joe: "My name is DJ DANJA"
Nick: "Thas DJ Danja

Paul Kevin Jonas. He was born November 5th, 1987 in Wyckoff, NJ. He is the eldest of 4 brothers. He has the most curliest wild hair I have ever seen, and I have fallen in love with it. He makes me laugh with his non-stop talking. His accent drives me crazy head over heals for him. A lot of people think he isn't cute, but to tell you the truth... they are just blind. Kevin is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen next to his brother Joe. I envy him because he has wonderful straight legs. Gah. -.- Haha, I still love him with all my heart. I love his oh-so-amazing guitar playing skills. He has great taste in guitars! I know that if I ever got to meet him, we would be great shopping buddies. 

Joseph Adam Jonas. He was born, August 15, 1989. He looks like your typical rockstar-y guy. Though, deep inside he is the most amazing person you'll ever see. He loves his tight jeans that are crazy colored. Blue and purple are his all time favorite colors. He does anything that he can for the people that he loves. He hates it when people use him for the fame and money. He just wants someone who can understand who the real person he is. 

His perfect date would be, him strolling on the back of a white horse down a beach during sunset. Flying his date down to Rome, nothing unusual. Romantic dinner, then maybe a movie. So what'd you think about that? I would like that. He's such a dork, which is what I love. He trips in front of live TV, and gets up like nothing has happened. He takes everything one step at a time. Every time I hear his voice, it sends millions and thousands of shivers down my spine. Something I enjoy feeling because he is the one that causes that. His brown eyes cause me to melt every time I look into them. My knees get shaky when I hear him talk about anything they ask him. I know he is far away from me, but I will soon be right by his side, even if it takes an Eternity. Three simple words that mean more than a thousand words, are... I love you. I truly do Joseph Adam Jonas, I love you for who you TRUELY are, not for what you are becoming. I don't want to be your Video Girl, I want to be your Lovebug. Make me laugh when I'm down, which is something he already does. Don't diss him, because I love him. :)

Nicholas Jerry Jonas. He was born September 16. 1992 in Dallas, TX. He is the most adorable person I have ever seen! He's quiet at first... but after meeting him, you won't make him shut up or stay still. He may seem calm in front of the cameras, but just hand him a bag of skittles and he will be bouncing off the walls. I personally think he is the hyperest (if that's even a word) out of all the brothers. He has the rosy pink cheeks that make me want to pinch them! His curly hair is easly a get lost jungle in there. ^^ Gahh, I just love his great song-writing skills and I amdire it. I wish I could do that. I love him and his spunky-self.

---///-\\\----Put This
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---|||--|||---Profile If
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Joe Jonas is...
█96% funny

██97% adorable

███98% smart

██████ 99% hot

████████████100% MINE

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___♥___♥___you love

!You say Evan
I say Kevin♥
You say Mo
I say Joe♥
You say Vick
I say Nick♥
You say tomorrow
I say Tonight
You say 10 minutes
I say 6 Minutes
You say UGLY Edward Cullen
I say GORGEOUS Nick Jonas♥
You say it's freezing
I say it's Burnin' Up
You say apologize 
I say Sorry
You say two people
I say One Man Show
You say OMG!
I say OMJ!
You say Year 2000
I say Year 3000
You say HSM
I say Camp Rock
You say The Monkeys[[old show]]
I say J.O.N.A.S.
You say Love Story 
I say Lovebug
You say good girl
I say Video Girl
You say Sprite
I say Diet Coke [[nick's fave]]
You say OCD
I say OJD
You say The Beatles

I say Jonas BrothersOJD Fan Pledge:
To the brothers of rock and pop,
I pledge my love that will never stop.
They make me laugh, they make me cry,
they are heroes, and there's a million and one reasons why.
I love how cute and dedicated they are,
it's 100% true they are rock stars.
They make my heart melt when they sing,
and also when they strum those guitar strings.
I just want to say Nick, Kevin, and Joe,
I really love you and hope it shows.

I love the Jonas Brothers and I think they are amazingly gifted and talented. My favorite songs are Tonight, Please Be Mine, Love Is On Its Way, and Sorry. Nick has a beautiful soul and the way he handles diabetes is great. He doesn't let anything or anyone slow him down. He is also super talented cause he plays 3 instruments and sings. Amazing. Joe adds the humor to the group and has a great Rock and Roll kind of voice and I love that. And Kevin. I hate how fans call themselves fans even when they don't like Kevin. Just cause he doesn't sing doesn't mean he's not important! He adds the amazing guitar skills to the group and that's all that matters! Bonus Jonas rox! Love ya Frankie!

████████████████████ 100,000,000%
Jonas Brothers Fan
Overly Obsessed with the Jonas Brothers

.¸.• (¸.•´♥•.¸)•.
. + I SUPPORT + .
+ . . + . + . + .
+ . . + . + . + .
+ . . + . + . + .
. + .AGAINST. .
+ . . + . + .
. + DIABETES . +
•.¸ (•.¸♥¸.•´)¸.•


.~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~ * ♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫ ♫~♥*Copy And Paste This In Your Channel If You Support The Jonas Brothers `~*♫ *♥~♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫`~ *♫`~*♫`~*♫`~*♫

╔═╗Joe Jonas is my

^^000000000000000_0000 00000000000
00000000000000___000 00000000000
0000000000000_____00 00000000000
000000000000_______0 00000000000
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0____________True____ ________00
000_______Jonas Brothers ___ _00000000
000000 _______Fan_________ 000000
0000000_____________ ____0000000
000000_________0____ _____000000
00000_______0000000_ ______00000
0000_____00000000000 00_____0000
000___00000000000000 00000__

─If a Jonas Brother said breathing wasnt cool 95% of girls would be dead If you wouldnt breathe post this on your page.....┐☆
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.*........................*... ......*....*
*.........................*... *..............*
.*.........................*.. .................*
..*.........................*. ...............*
...*.... joe JONAS ............*
.....*........................ ..........*
........*..................... ......*
...........*.................. ....*
...............*.............. .*

╔═══ ♫
║(o)║  Traffic light- The Ting Tings

╔═══ ♫
║(o)║  6 minutes- The Jonas Brothers

♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪ 

║║║║║║║║║║ ║═║
╚══╝╚╝╚╝╚╝╚══╝ (oh my jonas)
__________*lg*_____ MY HEART IS ______*lg* 
___________*lg*____ BURNIN' FOR _____*lg* 
_____________*lg*____JOE JONAS_____*lg* 
__________________*lg*_____*lg * 

 ► P l a y. ▌▌ P a u s e. ■ S t o p. ♥ L o v e.  J o n a s & T w i l i g h t

I'm SORRY if your BURNIN´UP for me, But I CAN´T HAVE YOU if your not gonna BB GOOD , Maybe if you weren't PUSHIN´ ME AWAY & putting my heart on a SHELF, I would still have the LOVE BUG for you TONIGHT, But u don't GOT ME GOING CRAZY for you anymore. If you weren't dating that VIDEO GIRL, Maybe we would still be together A LITTLE BIT LONGER, But Now that she broke up with u, & u want me back, But i don't want you, so now Your just a ONE MAN SHOW!"
8888888888888888888___8888888888888___888888888888 __

.*..Joe.Joe.Joe..*.........*Jo e*
*..Joe..Joe..Joe..*...*Joe.Joe *
.*..Joe..Joe..Joe..*Joe.Joe.Jo e*
..*.Joe.Joe.Joe....*Joe.Joe.Jo e*
...*.Joe.Joe.Joe.Joe.Joe.Joe.. *
.....*...Joe.Joe.Joe.Joe.Joe.. *
ℓινє т
ℓινє тσ 
ℓινє тσ ρ
ℓινє тσ ρα
ℓινє тσ ραя
ℓινє тσ ραят
ℓινє тσ ραяту
                                [ℓινє тσ ραяту]

║███║Now Playing: Burin'up~ Jonas Brothers
║ (o) ║

********(¨`·.·´¨).I.(¨`·.·´¨)* *********
****(`·.·´`·. ¸.·;Love`·.¸.·´`·.·´)*****
*****`·.¸.·´*Jonas Brothers*`·¸.´******
*******`·.¸(¨`· Forever·´¨)..·´********
**************`·.¸.·´********* ******

........joe Jonas is hot
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........joe Jonas is hot

1.Real Jonas Brothers fans dont just like burnin'up and sos

2.Real Jonas Brothers fans own jonas brothers and a litle bit longer.

3.Real Jonas Brothers fans sing along when one of there songs comes on the radio

4.Real Jonas Brothers fans have more than 2 Jonas Brothers songs on there ipod

5.Real Jonas Brothers fans know how old joe,kevin,and nick are

6.Real Jonas Brothers fans have this on their page Poem 
Roses are red
violets are blue,
Joe Jonas is hot, 
and Nick Jonas is too. 
Do u know what else is new?!
Kevin Jonas Joined the hot list too! 
but Frankie, no need to boo hoo you'll be up there too. WOO HOO! 

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JJJJOOEEE-put this
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J-----O-----love Joe

You say Ghosts
I say Poor Unfortunate Souls
You say Gotta Go
I say Time For Me To Fly
You say Take Me On
I say Take On Me
You say Loser
I say Underdog
You say 8:30
I say 7:05
You say I'm a Freak
I say I Am What I Am
You say Quinn
I say Mandy
You say Me
I say is What I go To School For
You say Hold Tight
I say Kung Fu Grip
You say Help
I say S.O.S
You say We're falling apart
I say Hold On
You say Hello, Good Morning
I say Goodnight and Goodbye
You say We're Weird
I say That's Just The Way We Roll
You say Hey Hottie
I say Hello Beautiful
You say You like me
I say I'm Still In Love With You
You say Cali.
I say Australia
You say Love
I say Games
You say Heaven
I say is When You LOok Me In The Eyes
You say You won't leave me
I say Cuz We're Inseperable
You say Boyfriend and Girlfriend
I say Just Friends
You say L.A.
I say Hollywood
You say 2008
I say Year 3000
You say We're the kids of rite now
I say We're the Kids of the Future
You say Be nice
I say BB Good
You say you're cold
I start singing Burnin` Up
You say rack
I say Shelf
You say Together
I say One Man Show
You say You're Sick
I say You got a Lovebug
You say Tomorrow
I say Tonight
You Ask If I Like You
I say Can't Have You
You say Model
I say Video Girl
You say Stay
I say you're Pushing Me Away
You say i love you
I say Sorry
You say You Missed Me
I say You Got Me Going Crazy
You say Right Now
I say A Little Bit Longer
You say Let's Get Back
I say Move On
You say You can't Breath when you see me
I say Take A Breath
~Made by sportysports221~

8-------------8*Put this on your channel
-8-----------8*if you support Nick Jonas
--8---------8*and his fight against Diabetes

 ♥ Jonas Brothers♥
♥ It takes one second to like their looks♥
♥ It takes one hour to like their songs ♥
♥ It takes one day to fall in love with them♥
♥ It takes one entire lifetime to forget them
WARNING! OVERLOAD!Jonas Brothers Fan!LOADING........
███████████████████ 100000000000000000000000000% 

*•.¸¸.•*♡*•.¸¸.•*♡*• .¸¸.•*♡*•.¸¸.•*♡*•.¸
Nick + Kevin + Joe = AMAZINGLY HOTT!(math is easy!)
*•.¸¸.•*♡*•.¸¸.•*♡*• .¸¸.•*♡*•.¸¸.•*♡*•.¸

********(¨`·.·´¨).I.(¨`·.·´¨)* *******
****(`·.·´`·. ¸.·; ℓσνє`·.¸.·´`·.·´)*****
*****`·.¸.·´*..נαѕρєя нαℓє...*`·¸.´******
*******`·.¸(.....¨`· ·´¨......)..·´******
**************`·.¸.·´********* ****

▓▒ ♥ ~*I LOVE JOE JONAS*~ ♥ ▒▓█ 
_█▓▒ ♥ ~*I LOVE JOE JONAS*~ ♥ ▒▓█ 
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I love you Patrick stump
You are the reason my heart will pump,
some say ive gotta get a grip
but wen i think of you my mind starts to slip
Over the cliffs id fall for you
Out into the ocean,out into the blue.
Until eventualy ill come to a stop
Where you will be , and my heart will pop.
 by Alice Jones

I love Patrick stump so much and i always will.
I dont ever take critism about him
Because he's such a good person
And doesn't deserve being treated meanly.

i wish for one day i could see.
Someone beautiful,staring back at me.
I now know why they acted so blind.
Becuase i looked better when you saw me from behind.
I wish i could look in the mirror and see.
Someone who is loved,maybe it could be me.
Smile for once your gorgeous its true.
Yeh,beleive it cos' i wish i looked like you.
I try my best,
Did all the tests.
Damaged myself inside and out.
Just to try to get myslef out.
To be able to face yours again.
I'd be suprised if what they say was true.
Because i had never loved someone like i loved you.
I thought you were different,kind underneath.
BUt behind your just a useless lump of meat.
Your blind to what is beheld in.
Because all you see is the plastic and thin.
I wish for one day i could look like her.
Then maybe i could smile without thinking,
close your mouth,hide away,you'll never be like her.
Until your dying day.


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My Competition Entries

get well soon demi <3
Patrick is love.
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breakingdawn101 says:

2701 days ago
I miss you! :,C

breakingdawn101 says:

2958 days ago
222 days. lol (no i haven't been counting i just looked at the last comment i had on your page from a convo we've had hehe) HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!

stew111 says:

2963 days ago
ⓗ ⓐ ⓟ ⓟ ⓨ                             
 ⓗ ⓐ ⓛ ⓛ ⓞ ⓦ ⓔ ⓔ ⓝ

breakingdawn101 says:

3010 days ago
This is Pancake, he wan´t to tell you something ^_^
.(•.•) ♥ 
..╝╚    Friends
        will help you up
        when you fall
        Best Friends
        will push u back 
        down and laugh

send this to all ur best friends
           (plus me ;D)
          if you get...
5 back-you're an ok friend 
10 back-you're an awesome friend$
15 back-you're a amazing best friend♥

breakingdawn101 says:

3069 days ago
U r my sister,
U r my heart,
U r special,
U r life,
U r god's gift 2 meh,
U r my Fashionista Barbie,
♥Send this 2 those u never wanna loose

breakingdawn101 says:

3070 days ago
~Never Delete~

Side by side
Or miles apart
Friends r 4ever
Close 2 ur heart ♥♥♥

send this 2 ten people u care about
see how many of the 10 u get back

breakingdawn101 says:

3090 days ago
Hey alice!!!! I miss you soooooo much!!!!! I hope you come on here soon!!! I reeeeeaaaaaally miss you!!!!

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