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Just because it says "Online" does not mean I am online I just keep myself logged on all the time lol Too lazy to keep logging on lol XD
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Music is my e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g
All I ask is that you don't duplicate my Blingees, I cant stop you all I can do is ask you not to do it, use your own imagination ok. Thanks :)
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Personal Info
Real name: Ciera
Nicknames: Birdy,Ravey,Rave,Rae-Chan
Birthday: 11/28/90
Current Location: Phoenix,AZ U.S

Thats it for now 
Ok you might know me as "Yuna_Mist_Materia" well I decided to make a new account and just start over, why I just felt a fresh start was necessary thats all. I will be on more now.
Please at least try to read the descriptions on my Blingees some have meanings & messages behind them
Not sure what to say about myself except I am defiantly an oddball with an capital "O" I think 

I'll just list some of my interests and whatnot x)

Music: Sick Puppies,Breaking Benjamin,Kerli,George Strait,MAE,Jonathan Coulton,Eyeshine,Within Temptation,Lacuna Coil,Bon Jovi,Nightwish,Gackt,Quaff,Midnight Syndicate,Vocaloids,UVERworld

Anime: Sengoku Basara,Higurashi,Umineko,Claymore,Murder Princess,Pet Shop of Horrors,Vampire Knight,Black Butler,Tokyo Majin,Devil May Cry,Final Fantasy Unlimited 

Video Games: Final Fantasy (all), Devil May Cry 1,2 & 4,Devil Kings,Earth Bound,Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes,Little Big Planet,Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,Dark Cloud,Samurai Warriors 2&3, Assassin's Creed Games,Dynasty Warriors 7

Television: Mostly Investigation Discovery, Food Network, Travel & TruTV Channels & anything that has to do with the Paranormal

Movies: Fantasy,Comedy & Horror

Books: The Inferno
I get on Blingee just to waste time & plus I really do enjoy it on here. I make Blingees to entertain myself not for other people. I don't care if other people think they're bad or good cause I make them for me just to have fun that's it. I have lots of interests. They range from the Paranormal to Mythology to History. But I think I have taken most interest in Japan, the History, Culture, Language, just everything about Japan fascinates me. One day I'd love to visit just once. Well I can be pretty nice unless you want me to be a complete bitch I can be that too.       
Favorite Quotes
"I don't care about your fortunes, I hold the future in my hands." - Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes) 

"Be who you are & say what you feel because those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss

"...Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none." - Cissnei (Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII)

"You're just another mark in the road, in other words, go to hell" - Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes)

"Its up to you how you deal with your anger, you can either endure it like an adult or let loose with reckless abandon & face the consequences" - Katakura Kojuro (Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes)

"Your not really living if you spend your whole life being chased by fear." - Date Masamune (Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes)

"When the devil seems to rise, Raise your fangs, and slice the Dark." - TeamRAKENZAN

"Even if In your Closed eyes; take your place, Face the Change, and Use those fangs and Soar." - TeamRAKENZAN

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted." - Assassin's Creed

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Roleplay- Yes I Roleplay but its been a while & I Finally decided to get back in the game. I have 4 characters, Raven,Luna,Demonica & Daemon their infos can be found below thanks for reading it!

Name: Raven
Title: Imaginary Lunarian
Real Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Ravey,Birdy,Birdo,Mooney
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight 
Age: Actual age unknown appears at least 24-25 yrs
Race: Unnamed Race but referred to "Celestinas" by Daemon. Adopted the race "Lunarian"
Eye color(s): Red
Hair Color(s) Black & White
Height: 5'10
Weight: N/A
Family: Mother & Father (fates unknown)
Representing Colors: Red,Black & Blue
Representing terrains: The Earth & Sky
Born under: Earth & Moon
Guardian animals: Raven & Wolf
Constellation: Sagittarius
Weapon(s): Scythe
Powers & Abilities: Able to see hidden portals to other universes, mimics others Abilities, can manipulate the surrounding terrain dubbed "Terra Magic" by Luna also known as "Geo Magic" or Geomancery        
Personality: Quiet,reserved,stubborn,independent,stoic.
Relationships: Close with Luna, friends with Deamonic & Daemon. Has become very fond of the One-Eyed General from the SB Universe     
Characters I adore!

I have lots of favorites but...there are ONLY two characters that I adore the most & I have become very very VERY attached to them as stupid & crazy as it sounds it is true! I absolutely LOVE these characters. To be absolutely honest I have no idea why I love them both so much :)

Aerith Gainsborough - Final Fantasy VII
I usually hate characters like her. So cute,happy,can see the good in everything & anyone, optimistic & was an heroine to the very end! I hate character that are the "Hero" or have to be. I also hated the fact that she was based more around "Magic" than anything else, in other words load her up materia & let her go lol. Um but as time passed I got so stupidly attached to her. & when she died oh-my-god I cried like a big baby! Then after that looong scenario was over with & I was finished crying I got so damn mad like "What the hell man WHY!?!?!" then stared yelling the TV lol, oh shut up like you never did that before! Then In Advent children I always tear up...ok soo I cry,there I said it I do all the time at the end when she tells Cloud everything is ok...Well anyways I just love the hell outta her, so if you are an Aerith hater then please keep on walking cause I wont put up with your shit thank you :)  

Masamune Date - Sengoku Basara
OH MY GOD characters like this guy make me wanna go through the computer screen & choke the crap outta them! God I really cannot stand characters like him. But guess what I don't hate Masamune I adore him so much..He is one of those Cocky,Arrogant,conceited types just thinks he's all badass & stuff,well at least he is also one of those characters that can back all that up in combat. I really don't know why I adore him so much. In the game Devil Kings yeah sometimes that cocky attitude can get on my nerves but in Samurai Kings (the anime) he is still like that but not I don't know how to explain it but its just weird. & he seems to be one of the most respected characters in the anime along side Shingen Takeda & Kenshin Uesugi.His rival Yukimura almost seems admire him even kinda looks up to him. Then in Samurai Heroes, he changes A LOT. After getting defeated my Mitsunari he changes his whole perspective, he become dare I say it, Wiser, though he still has an hard time controlling his temper in the game, like when Mitsunari allied with Yukimura I thought Masamune was gonna flip...well he did then took it out on poor Yukimura. Oh & in the Mangas he still continues to impress me with well...everything! You won't understand unless you watch,play & read Sengoku Basara.Anyways I'm getting way off topic. Still in the end I still have NO IDEA why I adore the guy so much! So Masamune haters please keep walking I will not put up with your shit thank you. :)

Have a nice DAY!
★  .  * .      .   °  . ● .    ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ 

"Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness." - Gold medal to anyone who knows who said this, do your own research. ^_~


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I've created a new group. In this group, I would like to help Stampmaker and organize Contests.
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Promoting the "Merry anime/manga challenge"


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Hello LunarianRaven.

How are you? It's been while since we've talked. I hope you're well. :) 

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for all my friends!♥ 

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please tell me how you can get the credits when you win a challenge

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hello como estas

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