Won't be active on this as much due to college :(

name: ebony
age: 18
relationship: taken 
location: north east of england 

Other Accounts:

Twitter: ebonysuggett
AnimationSource: AlphaEbony

✿ woflie characters

Cissy ;

Name: Cissy
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly, Romantic, Loyal, Tough, Intelligent
ID: http://bln.gs/b/268qi3
♫ Theme Song: Radioactive // Rita Ora
Parents: I don't know..
Siblings: Storm, Jenna
♥ Mate: I'm sort of looking 
Crush : Nobody
Pups: None
Other Relatives: Giggles [ niece ], Tethin, Max, Tobby, Derek [ nephews ]

Jenna ;

Name: Jenna
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, Outgoing, Friendly, Energetic, Cheerful, Bubbly, Bright, Brave, Loyal
ID: http://bln.gs/b/247flx 
♫ Theme Song: 22 // Taylor Swift
Parents: Forgot 
Siblings: Cissy, Storm
♥ Mate: ! Alex, the love of my life! He's my baby ^^ Noo toucheyy 
Crush : Alex ^^ ♥ of course(:
Pups: Tethin, Max, Tobby, Giggles, Derek ♥ I love them so much !
Other Relatives:

Storm ;

Name: Storm
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Personality: Flirty, Hot, Charming [ mostly to girls--that he likes xD ], Nice [ sorta ], Serious, Funny, Brave
ID: http://bln.gs/b/23icm7
♫ Theme Song: Shut Up and Dance With Me // Walk the Moon
Parents: ...
Siblings: Jenna & Cissy
♥ Mate: Nopeeezz
Crush: I'll know her when I see her
Pups: No thanks o_O
Other relatives: Giggles [ niece ], Max, Tobby, Derek, Tethin [ nepthew ]

Ying ;

Name: Ying
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly, Friendly, Bright, Sweet, Outgoing, Laidback, Peaceful
ID: http://bln.gs/b/23ih1a
♫ Theme Song: Dynamite // Taio Cruz
Parents: -whimpers-
Siblings: None
♥ Mate: -sighs- Not anymore..
Crush : Nope..
Pups: Amber, Jamie, Mia, Sammy
Other relatives: 

Zack ;

Name: Zack
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Personality: Flirty, Charming, Lady's man, Nice, Jock
ID: http://bln.gs/b/203ikl 
♫ Theme Song: When I Was a Youngster // Rizzle Kicks
Parents: Apparently, they abandoned me
Siblings: None
♥ Mate: Single... But not for long ^^
Crush: Not right now, but i'm sure I have some ON me .. ^^
Pups: Cute, but naah.
Other Relatives: 

Amy ;

Name: Amy
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Funky, Nice, Funny, Caring, Sweet, Outgoing
ID: http://bln.gs/b/249e00
♫ Theme Song: Summmer // Calvin Harris 
Parents: I don't know
Siblings: Jackson
♥ Mate: Hmpth. 
Crush: Naah
Pups: Jake
Other Relatives: Lexi [cousin]

Jake ;

Name: Jake
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Personality: Sweet, Nice, Funny, Sense of humour, Fun, Outgoing
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: Invincible // The Wanted
Parents: Amy & Moonlight [but him & mum aren't together anymore ]
Siblings: -sniffles- S-She died..
♥ Mate: Mya! ^^ I love her so much, she's my world. You dare hurt her...
Crush: Who do you think? :3 
Pups: Camilla, Candy, Daniel, Ethan--my beautiful pups! Harm them, then i'll do more then harm you! -growls-
Other Relatives: Jackson [ uncle ]

✿ deer characters

Megan ;

Name: Megan
Age: Fawn 
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, Shy, Funny, Outgoing once you get to know her, Friendly, Giggly, Defensive, Sensetive
ID: http://bln.gs/b/246g5j
♫ Theme Song: Fearless // Falling up
Parents: Dunno
Siblings: Maxi
♥ Mate: Had way too many of them -.- Would be nice to settle down..
Crush: Nope
Fawns: Incase you haven't noticed, i'm abit too young o_O
Other relatives:

Maxi ;

Name: Maxi
Age: Young Buck
Gender: Buck
Personality: Brave, Headstrong, Nice, Charming, Flirty, Sweet, Friendly, Funny, Outgoing
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: I'm Glad You Came // The Wanted
Parents: -sniffles-
Siblings: Megan, don't you dare touch my lil' sis! >:( 
♥ Mate: Nope..
Crush : -shakes head-
Fawns: Never.
Other Relatives:

Moon ;

Name: Moon
Age: Young Buck
Gender: Buck
Personality: Shy, Nervous, Nice, Sweet, Charming
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: Paradise // Coldplay
Parents: ... -looks down-
Siblings: Would be nice.. ^^
♥ Mate: Would like one.. 
Crush: -shakes head-
Fawns: None, too young. Maybe in the future
Other Relatives:

 ✿ lion characters

Trever ;

Name: Trevor
Age: Cub
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave, Nice, Shy, Charming, Funny, Bright
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: Gravity of Love // Enigma
Parents: Dunno
Siblings: None
♥ Mate: -shrugs- She's left
Crush: -.-
Cubs: o.o
Other Relatives:

Violetta ;

Name: Violetta
Age: Teenager
Gender: Female
Personality: Nice, Friendly, Cheerful, Outgoing, Sweet, Bubbly, Fare, Brave
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: Stereo Hearts // Gym Class Heros
Parents: Dunno ^^
Siblings: None... Would like some though.. ^^
♥ Mate: Nope
Crush: =3
Cubs: Nope
Other Relatives:

Serena ;

Name: Serena
Age: Teenager
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart, Clever, Friendly, Aggressive at times, Independent
ID: -coming soon-
♫ Theme Song: Written in the Stars // Tinie Tempah ft. Erin Turner
Parents: Dunno >:
Siblings: Nonee
♥ Mate: No, and proud!
Crush: -growls- They break your heart!
Cubs: Nonononono..
Other Relatives:


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KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
 now. Obi wan kenohbe, ur my only hope.

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
Please.. take me to the cets” I whimper; before placing out cold. Only teething cold save me now. He had warned me long ago that shit and chocolate were alike but I did not listen. the only thing that could save me was teething and his shit fetish

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
my mouth repeatedly like old lady Doris in the retirement home in Tarragal Glen Avenue, Australia; the moist sounds of my shit stained tongue making my yellow teepees and cracked, dry gums is almost demeaning. “**I… i.. ie at chocolate. 

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
“Teething” I call out again; shuddering at the harsh winds. I needed ur body to protect me; but in my cocoon of shit u made no move to do such a thing. i cry harder. “**please.. take me.. to the vet…..**” I croak voice hoarse as I liked my

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
U hold back a chortle. Oh, old old loose toothy, u smile to urself. U enjoyed fondling the small nerve with ur otter-like tongue, but tonight was no time for it.

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
u think I’m covered in shit. Maybe ur right, but even despite the foul smell radiating from my warm, moist body, covered in thick brown sludgey shit, ur still enamoured by me. my piss yellow teeth form a smile, one dangling by a single nerve. 

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
s I whisper ur name. “Teething..* I call out; dry chunks of thick hairy mould tumbling from between my jaws as my tired eyes look to u. My husband.

KaliskaTheWolf says:

62 days ago
U hear horse, ragged breathing behind u. The snow rustles, as though someone is moving. U turn to face the noise, and u are horrified with what u find. U see me. My fur matted and stained dark, thick brown liquid. I am crying; tears falling from my e

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