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<---- *faints* x3

At the moment i am... 
   Watching: Gravitation 
        So: I may reply slowly ^^'

║(o)║Now playing: A twist in my story
╚══╝Artist:Secondhand Serenade 


Name: Becky
Age: 16 (January 16th 1995)

Im a massive fan of Black Butler! ^^
My favourite Character would have to be out of Sebastian Or Ciel. 
Hehe ^^

Is loving reading Jujou Romantica fan fictions at the moment. 
My favourite character is of course Misaki ^^ followed by Hiroki because i just love his short temper fuse :D

Yaio all the way :3

Look me up on here guys:

Youtube: BabyfreezexX 

Fanfiction: DemonchildxX

Deviantart: ObsessiveNinja 

Junjou Romantica. Black Butler. Wolf Rain. Kyo Kara Maoh. Papa To Kiss In The Dark. Death Note. Fullmetal Alchemist. Gakuen Heaven. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Loveless. Gravitation. I Love My Younger Sister. Pandora Hearts. Vampire Knight. 

My Character Profiles-

Gf/ Bf

Aaron is 18 years old and has a dog form of about 4 years. His a street dog who lives beside Alistair and his siblings. His very sweet and hates to be alone.His also Single.

Kylie is 18 and is the youngest of the siblings: Dewey, Huey and Louie. She gets on really well with the triplets but hasn't seen them in a while. She has a wolf form. Her best friend is Ronnie and she is single.

Veronica a.k.a Ronnie is a 19 year old gothic girl who's a very happy and fashionable girl. Her best friend is Kylie who go back along way with each other. She's single. 

Zsa Zsa- 
Zsa Zsa is18 years old and is a very pretty face girly girl. She's gets on well with Ronnie because they love fashion. She is single.


Characters I'm bringing back: 
Zsa Zsa 
If i bring morgan and katie back then im going to bring the kids back. cos iv got a storyline planned lol ^^  

Iv brought back Ronnie and Zsa Zsa back because i didnt use to use them verymuch. I may bring katie and morgan back and if i do il bring the kids back. Il bring back my main characters hopefully much later



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Jin_The_Fox says:

3463 days ago
lol well it's about, some girl who dosn't have a bf, and so she cant get one, so she orders him on the internet(ik weird lol) but the thing is, he's a robot(she knows that) :P lol but he feels, looks, and acts real :D but he dies at the end! D: and he;s my favorite character!:( but they don't have an anime for it :( i cant explain the rest though, but it's funny, the ending was sad :( and i <3 izaya too :p and kida, shizou, and mikado :p i <3 them all lol

Jin_The_Fox says:

3472 days ago
lol well no D: but i've heard of it! :3 i really wanna watch it too ^0^ it does look cute! :p lol oh have you heard of "absolute boyfriend"? or "dulrarara"? lol

Jin_The_Fox says:

3477 days ago
lol really? xD ill search that anime up now! >:D lol well, i kinda like yaoi ._. lol i remeber my friend told to watch junjou romantica :p lol

Jin_The_Fox says:

3480 days ago
lol! xD im doing good too! :p so, still into yaoi? :p lol

NaruAndLuluDo... says:

3481 days ago
hey havent talked to you in a while :)

Jin_The_Fox says:

3482 days ago
hello! XD not sure if you'll remember ever talking to me, but i remeber talking to u! ^0^ lol so how u doing? :p

ploegy says:

3489 days ago
Ozzie: I'm trying hard to come back though *Sighs softly as he skates around*

Alma19981 says:

3490 days ago
Hellou! ♥ How are u? :D 

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