mldb10 says:

1891 days ago
Thank you for commenting on my blingee. As for who is watching and the media you are right. First of all we only fool ourselves if we think we can control who is looking. Also we do not have complete freedom of the press as we would like to think. Next I will say that I have.survived close to 70 years by accepting what the situation is and dealing with it to the best of my ability. 2nd I have never lost the ability to laugh. If I ever lose being able to find humor in all situations then I think.

yogidee224 says:

2169 days ago
OK i can comment now..hehe
First of all thanks for the comment on Teach them before you leave them"
I think it's vital to teach children all the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves.
Start early kids are able to absorb things much easier than adults. Adults can't grasp much because their minds are confused, or corrupted. A Child will be frightened if the teacher is.   

mtlonewolf says:

2201 days ago
OK..just uploaded the 1st Bengal Tiger fractal/transparent stamp. Take a look and see what U think. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. It will be interesting to see how it looks. Being that U like the big cats, I thought U might like it!

mtlonewolf says:

2201 days ago
I suppose the quotes tend 2 be somewhat "fatalistic", but..U can't control some things, while others U can, so...might as well place those things U can't control in2 the "Oh well" category and put it behind U, right?! I know what U mean about the daughters and the vulnerability part! As a father, I never felt more helpless & vulnerable than when those things cropped up! Usually it left me feeling overwhelming anger/hostility/impotence for those moments/issues & 4 them! I luv them dearly tho!Thx!

mtlonewolf says:

2201 days ago
Hi! It was very kind of you to take the time to look at some of the blingees I added to the reflections group! I've just come on board, thanks to Judith's kindness and suggestion! I read your profile & was impressed with how broad your reading and concepts are! One of your quotes impressed me particularly: "I HATE Rape, Torture, injustice and child abuse"! I've had all daughters & had my share of sorrows in that regard, so I couldn't agree more! I live outside of Chicago, so..! Thx so much!

strange_chara... says:

2221 days ago
I can give you the link where you can copy them or if you're willing to send me your email I can just send you a free copy of my book Death of An Angel in PDF format.

tabiralu says:

2241 days ago
thank you for the comments and votes, I knew about the legend of Medusa, the god was Poseidon, and the one which changed her into the monster with snakes instead of hair, was Athena. The legend is very sad and beautiful and one of my favorites:)

TheArtofHappi... says:

2276 days ago
Universial Mind Control

Back To You

Steve Bashear

Medusa Weapon Used on Children

Call It Like It Is: Soft Porn

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