A lot has changed in my life, and for the better. For the past 5 years I have devoted my time and love of photography. Nature photography and I'm good at it.
 I have at least 5 new websites that I have my work in. I can sell merchandise also with at least two of the sites, the others are just for my photography and one site that I set up on my own, my pride and joy. I also want to share with you my travels and discoveries..here are the links to my sites:

A little about me..well, I have two daughters..and I have been married for 24 years. We live in Maine..which is beautiful this time of year..if you've never visited,I would suggest it, it's a place you'll NEVER forget.

My favorite movie genre are werewolves, books, movies ect. I mostly read on my tablet or computer. 
My favorite Authors are
Sherrilyn kenyon
Patricia Briggs
Tracey H. Kitts
Mac Flynn
Shelly Laurenston#2
There are more but I can't list them all.
there are more shapeshifter romance out there
dragon,big cat,ect.
I am a big fan of all.

Trueblood, all seasons. I'm a die hard fan of this one!
Gingersnaps, all 4
van helsing
nick Knight
Dark Shadows
there are more, just can't think of them.
I also like most paranormal, so I have quite the collection of dvds.

I also can't forget ALL of the superhero movies,you know, like wolverine and the others. I like sets of things, can't leave one out cause it ruins the collection..lol!
Music for me, Aerosmith is my fave! Steven Tyler...
then most R&B, or soundtracks to movies, like the latest Guardians of the Galaxy, a MUST for the car!lol

Love sunny days, and having a walk alone with my camera. Still will always be a photographer first, it sets my mind on fire!
I really enjoy making a picture..more. I also love framing..as you can see in my favorite stamps..i have TONS..and you are more than welcome to any stamps i have there..just don't take my blingees..please. i spend at least an hour on each..trying to get my work the best that i can make it..so i can give you an amazing piece of work..

so, enjoy my site..have fun, and make friends! that's the purpose of this whole site..right?
p.s. if your nice to me..i'll be nice to you.
We all need friends!


                          The Darkness
They say that when the wind blows you can hear the angels sing
The methodical melody is the flap of angel’s wings
The silent mist that rises on the currents of the breeze
Is the breath of sleeping dragons as they waken from your dreams
They say that when the rain falls it's from angel’s crying eyes
It flows down from the great heavens as they weep for all our lives
The water flowing smoothly down the crenels of the earth
Fills the cups for sprites and fairies and subdues the goblins thirst
They say that when the snow falls like crystal diamonds from the sky
That it's iridescent angel’s dust from their wings as they fly by
The opalescent crystals form a glowing, icy haze
Where the queen of ice and winter frolics freely in her glade
They say the golden starlight is the twinkling of dragon’s eyes
As they watch and perch on top of all the clouds above the sky
And when the lightning flashes like a flame across the dark
It reflects the demons dancing as they create each glowing spark
They say that in the darkness that the dead do walk the night
That they feed on blood and fear until the glowing morning light
Underneath the silver moonlight you can hear the werewolves howl
As they hunt and kill their prey like demon dogs from hell’s deep bowels
They say that when night passes and its creatures take their rest
That they succumb to mother earth and that she steals their final breath
Beneath the morning sunshine lives the queen of good and light
She protects all of the creatures who live freely from her might
They say that all these stories are passed down from kin to kin
Each word a truth from family, to not believe would feel like sin
So when you hear the stories and you're not sure what is real
Remember it is the darkness that's the creature you must fear.....
                   by    K.A. M’Lady

Have a wonderful day!


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269 days ago
Hello Fairies!! I know I know..I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately.. 

Anyways, it is Time to Vote in PDB!!! Yayy! :D

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¸✶.•´¸.•*´✶ *JOYEUX NOEL ET BONNE ANNEE * ¸✶.•´¸✶.•´
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          .|\. Ton ami jean pierre

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Dear friend! It's time to vote!

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A new contest has started !
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