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XxUltraXViole... says:

2339 days ago
That sounds fun! :)
Nice! :) My sister and I have had a lot of pets besides our two dogs. When we were little we had another dog named Carmel, she was a spaniel of some kind. She bit me so we had to get rid of her. I was so little I don't even remember her that well. We also had three gerbils, Creamy, Blacky, and Cinnamon. I used to have a snake called Zuku, and we had three rats, ChuChu, Niki, and Nona. Yeah, we've had a lot of pets. ^^' You have bird? That's cool! :) ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2343 days ago
Hope that play goes well!!
We haven't gone yet. We may end up going in July.
Aww, what breed is she? I have two dogs, Alabama and Tiger. Allie is a Border Collie/Pit Bull mix and Tiger is an Italian Greyhound/Pit Bull mix. :) Tiger is my sister's dog though. Allie's my angel. ^^ ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX 

XxUltraXViole... says:

2348 days ago
Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun! :D Good luck on it!!
Ahhh. I see. It's always disappointing when the animals don't do anything. :(
I'll be going to a state park hiking with my dad and my sister here in the next couple of days... if the weather stays nice that is. :p The weather has been ridiculous for the past couple of weeks. ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2350 days ago
Wow sounds like you've had a lot going on! :) What's the play about if you don't mind my asking?
I haven't been to a circus in years. I bet that was a ton of fun. ^^
Yeah, it feels great!! I haven't been so relieved of stress in such a long time. ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2352 days ago
Indian from India... Punjabi to be exact.
My summer's been very good, actually. :) My anxiety is muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better. :D How about yours? ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2357 days ago
Yeah. :) My step-dad said that English was easy to learn, too. Prior to meeting us, he took a class on it.
It'd be cool to have one. :) But... Of course we live in an apartment and I'd hate for the exchange student to have to witness one of the fights between our family... that would just be bad. DX ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2365 days ago
Just learning to read Japanese would takes years. DX Not mention having to learn to speak it, too!
Spanish is hard... Learining languages is hard... peroid. lol
Oh, that's cool. :) My aunt and uncle had exchange students from Norway and Brazil once.
Yeah, going there might be a lot of fun! :D ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

XxUltraXViole... says:

2366 days ago
Yeah, Japanese would be hard... Reading it would be the hardest thing EVER >.< Speaking it would be easier. Oh, they offered French at my online school. I was supposed to take Latin this year, but meh, I had too much work to do already.
Denmark? I've never even thought of going there... Interesting though! :)
Good luck on your finals!! ~XxUltraXVioletXNightsxX

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