Pearly   Penile  PapulesTreatments  for  PPP -  Which   is   the   best  method  to  treat  Penile   Papules  ?PPP  is  a male genital  skin  condition  which   is  harmless  and   it  occurs due  to  unknown reasons. However,  the  large number  of  white  or  pink colored small bumps  around   the  corona  of  penis  are   often  mistaken  for  STD  or  Warts  and  females refuse  to   have  sex  with  a male  having  ppp.The  best  Treatment  for  ppp  should  effectively eliminate  the  bumps  from   the  penis  so   that   the  affected person  can  regain  the  original appearance  of   his  penis.There  are   various  methods  for  treatment  of  ppp.Scientific methods  of  treatment  as   well   as   Home  Remedies  are   quite  common.Scientific methods 1.  Removal   of  bumps  using  Hyfrecator2. Laser CO2 TherapyThese methods  have   the   following  disadvantages: -Highly expensivePainfulSide effectsTemporary cure onlyHospitalization  and  recovery periodFrequently Asked QuestionsQUESTION:Is  it   possible   to   get   pearly   penile   papules   at   the  age  of  17?I'm 16,  Is   it   possible   to   get   pearly   penile   papules   at   this  age? I  have  a  few  bumps  around   the  glans  that   look   exactly   like   them   and   I'm  positive  that   there   not   an  STD (  or  genital warts )  because   I'm   still  a virgin. I  have  a gf  and  i  want   to  make  sure   that   it   is   not   an  contagious  before  i  do   anything   with  her. ANSWER:I'm 18,  and   I've   had   them   since   about  16.  So  yes, I  think  so.  But   I'm   just   one  person,  so   it   might   not   be  true.  I'm   also  a virgin,  and   I'm  terrified  of   what  I  would   say   if  a girl  ever  asked  me   what   they   were   and  decided  not   to   have  sexual relations  with  me,  despite   the  fact  that   they   are   not  contagious  and  utterly harmless. 

QUESTION:How  to   get   rid   of   pearly   penile  papules?I  have   pearly   penile  papules.  How   can  i  get   rid   of  them?ANSWER:Well  known   for   its   little  bumps situated  on   the  top  of   the  penis,  pearly   penile   papules   or  Hirsuties Papillaris Genitalisas  it   is   known   in   the  medical world,  is   one   of   those  conditions  which  affect  more  men’s self-esteem  and  pride  than   it   actually  harms  the   part   of   the   body   where   is  situated.One  reason   for   which  men  are  highly terrified  about   this  disease  is   the  fact  that   their  partners  may   see   the   little  bumps  and  refuse  to   have   any  sexual activity  with   them   until   those   little  bumps  will   go  away.There  is   nothing   more  “painful”  for  a  man   than   being  laughed  at   or  avoided  because   of   some  condition  their  penis has.  This   is  why,  if   you  suffer  from   penile   papules   you   will   want   to   get   rid   of   them   as   soon   as  possible,  but   until   then   you   will   also   want   your  partner  to   know   what   exactly   is   this  condition  all  about. 

QUESTION:How  do  I  get   rid   of   Pearly   Penile  Papules?Pearly  Penile   Papules   is  pretty  much  ruining  my  life  because   whenever  I sleep  with  a women  she  thinks  it's   an  STD  and  I  am  tired  of   this   almost  happenening everytime.  To  make things worse I  also   have  Fordcye spots  on   the  shaft  and   my  testicals.  How   can  I  get   rid   of   Pearly   Penile   Papules   and  Fordcye spots  without  surgery?ANSWER:i  have   the   same  problems  and   have  wondered  the   same  things myself, check  out   these  links.  for  PPP  the   only  treatment  is  laser surgery  but   for  Fordcye  you   can   get  creams  or  pills  from  a Dermatologist  and   they   should   go  away."> how to get rid of pearly penile papules 


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