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Happy 40th Anniversary Joyful226/Connie Best Couple Blingee
Time Left:2 days
1354 31 Share your voting link:
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Angel and Child with letter. Joyful226 Best Friends Blingee
Time Left:2 days
1055 151 Share your voting link:
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Angle and Kitten Praying Joyful226/Connie Best Artistic Blingee
Time Left:2 days
1062 659 Share your voting link:
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Mystic lady joyful226 Best Halloween Blingee
Time Left:2 days
1331 146 Share your voting link:
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Jeanette McDonald Joyful226 Best Celebrity Blingee
Time Left:2 days
1236 150 Share your voting link:
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Praying For a Cure for Cancer Joyful226/Connie Best Vintage Blingee
Time Left:2 days
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Competitions Completed

Competition Score Rank End date
Angel in turquoise Joyful226 Best Emo Blingee 739 157 10/17/2014 View rankings
In Loving Memory of Steve "Smitty"Smith Fireman. Connie/Joyful226 Best Artistic Blingee 1308 344 10/17/2014 View rankings
The Haunted House Best Halloween Blingee 1683 52 10/17/2014 View rankings
Happy Thanksgiving Joyful226 Best Vintage Blingee 1289 172 10/17/2014 View rankings
Autumn Blessings Joyful226 Best Autumn Blingee 1615 63 10/17/2014 View rankings
The Holy Ghost Shall come upon thee. Joyful226 Best Artistic Blingee 1280 363 10/10/2014 View rankings
Little Red Ridding Hood Joyful226 Best Pet Blingee 1377 44 10/10/2014 View rankings
October 2nd Guardian Angel Day Joyful226 Best Friends Blingee 1429 21 10/10/2014 View rankings
Happy October by Connie/Joyful226 Best Autumn Blingee 1718 30 10/10/2014 View rankings
October's Splendor Joyful226/Connie Best Vintage Blingee 2238 7 10/10/2014 View rankings
Vintage Fall in New England Joyful226 Best Artistic Blingee 1764 18 10/03/2014 View rankings
Baby Boy Congratulations by Joyful226/Connie Best Baby Blingee 1335 31 10/03/2014 View rankings
Reading Joyful226 Best Vintage Blingee 1675 83 10/03/2014 View rankings
Happy October Birthday to my friends Joyful226 Best Girl Blingee 1660 24 10/03/2014 View rankings
Autumn in Old New England, by Joyful226/Connie Best Artistic Blingee 1515 122 09/26/2014 View rankings
Now Now take your medicine Joyful226 Best Funny Blingee 1376 28 09/26/2014 View rankings
Sunday Blessings Joyful226 Best Friends Blingee 1496 21 09/26/2014 View rankings
Memories through the looking glass. Joyful226/Connie Best Vintage Blingee 1551 80 09/26/2014 View rankings
Happy Grandparents Day/Joyful226 Best Baby Blingee 796 115 09/19/2014 View rankings
Thank You Roses by Joyful226/Connie Best Artistic Blingee 1283 466 09/19/2014 View rankings
Baby Girl Congratulations by Joyful226/Connie Best Friends Blingee 1504 14 09/19/2014 View rankings
The necklace by Joyful226/Connie Best Vintage Blingee 1610 34 09/19/2014 View rankings
Enchanted Joyful226 Best Artistic Blingee 1887 3 09/05/2014 View rankings
Thank you . Joyful226 Best Couple Blingee 820 258 09/05/2014 View rankings
Happy August Birthday for all that have birthdays in August.. by Joyful226 Best Summer Blingee 1375 88 09/05/2014 View rankings
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