ello love

hello i am lindsay known as leonard uhh yeah i like to eat skateboard play video games and watch family guy and the simpsons i am 18 im still really a kid though and like playin with toys n such i enjoy a lot of little things like car rides goin to 711 or gettin into shinanagins i probably spelled that wrong but i do not care because i do not believe in grammer oh and i love animals i love them so much i have quite a few there are so many different kinds and they cant talk but you can communicate with them in a different way so yeah im a little out there as some would say and pretty interesting haha and maybe a little wierd but thats ok its fun bein different i dont really think anyone is wierd i think we are all born the way we were and no i didnt copy that from lady gaga im sick of all these posers in the world and rude people, just wear and act the way yah frickin wanna and life is honestly to short to care of what others think, let them judge, i think the rude, judgy, people who only talk to certain people, or call other people wierd n all that jazz, there the ones who really need the help so dont go try fittin in with those people just becuase other people say there cool, no you do you and find good friends and just have fun doing what makes you happy, and be creative with your own things and whatever you like and explore and imagine, imagination conquors all i am aslo usually very hyper haha i guess thats adhd for yah so uh ya i like a lot of punk music like the casualties, rancid, external menace, crass, exploited, the queers, adicts, the unseen, the germs, antiflag, ramones, a global threat and i frickin love greenday! i would love to start a band either playin drums or guitar. so yeah thats really all i got to say it was kinda a lot so jus laugh a lot enjoy people get to know peoples stories people are here for us to enjoy and we all have a purpose on this earth that we should really take care of also treat others like you would wanna or even better try puttin people ahead, one more thing i really wanna go up into space. yeah i dont really think anyone even read any of this but i guess i had fun doin it and i guess im jus talkin to myself now haha so peace for all and Jesus loves yah


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