I'M a christian,i love Christ,my family,Michael Jackson,and friends.The first mj song i heard ever was The Lady In My Life by Michael jackson (I was seven at the time).The first video i seen about Michael Jackson was Thriller(I was three at the time).I have a famous cousing who met Michael seven times.My family was the first in the United States to own a Thriller album.I must admit i come from an excited family                                                                                                     ___________?§$$$$$$$§§?_
__?§$$$$?_??______§§§$§§§§§$$§ ?
___?§$$$§????_____?§$$$J§§§§§§ $$§?
____?$$§?________§$$$$h§$§§§§§ §$§
_____§$§§3_______$$$§§§§§§§§$§ $$§
______§$$§§$____$$§§§$§§§§§$§§ $$§
_______§$$$$$$$$$$§$§§§$$$$§§§ $$§
________?§§§§$$$$$$§§§§§§$§§§§ $$?
___________$$$§$$$§§§§§§§§§§§$ $§
________________?§$$§§$§§$§§§§ §?
__________________§$$$§§$§§§§$ §?
_________________?§$$§§§§§§§§$ §?
_______________?§$$§§$$::::§§$ $$§
______________§$$$§§§§§:::§$§§ $$?
____________?§$$$$$$$$:::§§§§$ $$?
__________?§$$$$$$§§:::§$§$$$$ §?
__________?§$$§??$§?                                                                  There'll be no darkness tonight
Lady our love will shine (lighting the night)
Just put your trust in my heart and meet me in paradise
Girl, your every wonder in this world to me
A treasure time won't still away
So listen to my heart
LAy your body close to mine
Let me fill you with my dreams
I make you feel alright
And baby through the years gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight, you will always be the lady in my life
Lay back in my tenderness
Let's make this a night we won't forget
Girl, I need you sweet caress
Reach out to a fantasy
Two hearts on a beat of extasy
Come to me, Girl
And I will keep you warm through the shadows of the night
Let me touch you with my love
I can make you feel so right
And baby through the years even when we're old and gray
I will love you more each day 
Cause you will always the lady in my life
Stay with me, I want you to stay with me
I need you by my side
Don't you go no where
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)
I wanna keep you warm
(you are the lady in my life)
In my life
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)
I wanna squeeze ya 
(Always the lady in my life),I wanna touch you baby
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm) do do do
(Always the lady in my life) Your my lady and I love your girl
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm) I love you I love you I need you want you girl
(Always the lady in my life) Stay with me 
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm) Don't You go no where
(Always the lady in my life) And I love you baby
Wooo, Ooh Baby
Don't go no where
Your my lady
All through the night
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)I wanna keep you warm 
(Always the lady in my life)Your my lady
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm) all over all over all over
(Lay back in my tenderness) Lay back with me
(Always the lady in my life)Let me touch you girl
(Lay back in my tenderness)Lay back with me
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)All over (x 7) baby
(Always the lady in my life)woo
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)
(Always the lady in my life)Your my lady, and I love you girl
(Ooh girl let me keep you warm)
(Always the lady in my life)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ╔╗

╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥
╔╝╚╗♫╚╣║║║║╔╣╚╗╔╣║♫║♥ l♥
♥Michael♥                                                                                                                                                                                                                888888888888888888_________888888888_____888888888
______88888____________88888888Michael Jackson888888888__
Put this on you profile if you love Michael Jackson! xD                                                                                                                                                                   
I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON♥   Michael Jackson 
♥ Michael Jackson
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Jackson to show the world that he is the only King Of Pop 



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MichaelJackso... says:

2117 days ago
Hi;) really your family was the 1st to own a Thriller album=)??

JayOrange1970 says:

2312 days ago
for my friends
by me

JayOrange1970 says:

2374 days ago
my friend beautiful
your blingee

Elviraaa2000 says:

2482 days ago
Hello Come and Join my group my friend


Elviraaa2000 says:

2535 days ago
Thank you for akcepting me :D

parisjackson1996 says:

2554 days ago
MY New Profile

ElinoOla says:

2554 days ago
Have a happy Easter my friend with laughter, joy and most of all love inside your heart!!!:)

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