My name is Mira and I live in Serbia,my city is Subotica, which is in the secession style buildings.
I love Blingee.
I found a lot of friends....thank you all for your friendships.
Thank you so much for all your comments and votes.
Best regards from Mira.
I ALWAYS VOTE!! 5 IS THE ONLY  5***** stars  I USE.
 ANYTHING BELOW A 5 stars  IS AN INSULT IN MY HUMBLE OPINION..... only 5***** stars      

Each image is very hard, work, imagination author, beginner or great artist Blingee image.
My birthday is 01.Juni  

Birthdays of my dear friends:
 7.1. piedad5007(Pidead)
 7.1. Siemprejuntas2(Solymar)
20.1. Criss1946(Cristina)
20.1. Vane5022(Cristina)       

 1.2  lubovl(luba)
17.2. marenapetko(Marena)
23.2. nataliplus(Natasha)
26.2. jayful226(Connie)
27.2. pocketrocketrach(Rach)
28.2. miras46(Mira)

 6.3. melarocks(Mela)
17.3  MIRONNA(Marija)
17.3  Kirshi173(Monika)

 5.4. 5dd(Didi)
 6.4. Douche Sophie(Sophie)
 8.4. SANSAN33138(Sandrine)
 8.4. LOLIV
12.4. Huberta43(Huberta)
14.4. dubravka4(Dubravka)
26.4. Andzelina(Andzelina)

 6.5. venusdemai(Venus)
 7.5. jesica30422492(Yessica)
12.5. birdie1952(Gerlene)
14.5. dagmarb (Dagmar)
19.5. tabiralu(Tabi)
19.5. SHAKENBAKE32(Share)
25.5. yulliette5(Yulli)

 4.6. Heidi(HEIcats)
12.6. P1949(Patricia)
14.6. lorenzaelle

 7.7. 3mam.7.7.(Marion)
 7.7. albinutza07(Adina)
19.7. blinker1968(Blinkert)
24.7. eaujardin

 6.8. Нэтали(Nataša)
10.8. mimisi55
13.8. alwaysswellsaid(Jane)
13.8. 1381954(Rena)
24.8. ursula48(Ursula)  
26.8. ludmilla1959(Milla)
26.8. rosaura66000

12.9. ortega42(Patrick)
19.9. korolek1976(Elena)
24.9. RedHeadsRule(Gloria

 7.10. aneczka1(Ania)
 7.10. Seni33(Ines)
 8.10. Джелит(Dzhelit)
20.10. IVXXTHEWOLF(Randy)
24.10. AM9505(Aleksandra)
24.10. gigi243(Ginette)
24.10. lousei(Louise)
26.10. charu rappel(Charu)
28.10. moreno gabriela(Gabi)
29.10. longplays(Silja)
30.10. Maisa5(Maisa)

 1.11. Bingi(Julia)
 3.11. MAEVA62022
 3.11. mariefrancoisebestions(Marie) 
10.11. silva1995(Silva)
16.11.  -Rena11(Rena)
17.11. skyssence(Elisa)
19.11. cesar59(Ela)
20.11. FaINAS(Xenia)
20.11. kuleshova(Irina)
20.11. Wendy75007(Mia)
22.11. Rinka1(Rinka)
27.11. eclipse of the..
27.11. marygio50

 2.12. anabella100(Dijana)
 3.12. kruczek1(Barbara)
11.12. ymialma(Marta)
19.12. ♥Marishka♥(Nuria)

beautiful 5***** stars 
I wish you a good day!
wonderful 5***** stars
thanks for comments ♥♥

  beautiful (⁀‵⁀) ♥♥♥♥♥ 
.`⋎´ ♥¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•♥  
… ♥¸.•°*”˜˜”*° ♥ 
…•°*”˜˜”*°•♥ 5☆★☆★☆ stars 
     wonderful Blingee  
"for you" 5☆★☆★☆ stars 
     ○♦fantastic Blingee♦○
  I wish you a lovely week! 

     Good night my friend!




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  • Badges: 273
  • Gold Blingees: 1,595
  • Silver Blingees: 1,598
  • Stamp Contributions: 3,918
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Happy Birthday my dear Andzelina
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VictoriaKitty says:

1 day ago
Thank you for your comments and votes!

marthannb says:

3 days ago
Hello Mira, thank you for your friend request, and all the comments and votes you  left.  hugs Martha  

ortega42 says:

3 days ago
coucou les amies je lance un nouveau défi (défi fond marin)ci cela vous intéresse vous êtes les bienvenue voila le lien https://fr.blingee.com/challenge/view/8601-d-fi-fond-marin passez une bonne soirée gros boisou 

ortega42 says:

10 days ago
nouveau défi portrait summer voila le lien si cela vous intéresse venez participer et vous amuser sur mon challenge bonne chance et merci gros bisou https://fr.blingee.com/challenge/view/8590-D-FI-PORTRAIT-SUMMER 

longplays says:

11 days ago
Lieber Freund, liebe Freundin, ich habe eine neue Challenge gestartet. Hast du Lust, da mitzumachen? Fein, ich freue mich auf deine Bilder.


Dear friend, I have started a new challenge. Would you like to participate? Fine, I look forward to your pictures.

nataliplus says:

15 days ago
Dear friend! I created a new fun group. It is called "HUMOR FANS GROUP". In this group you can freely add your funny work. Entrance to the group is free. I'll be glad if you join my group. Welcome! Let's have fun together! 

ortega42 says:

17 days ago
défi fantasy green a celle qui sont intéressé  je vous laisse le lien passez une excellente soirée gros bisou https://fr.blingee.com/challenge/view/8579-fantasy-green

longplays says:

19 days ago
I wish you a happy Happy Birthday, my dear Mira. Sorry for delay, I was not here. Big hugs, Silja.


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