Kicki1961 says:

7 days ago

I should have sent this last evening....but I was too tired! :-

A little gift to My Friends!!

To show my love and appreciation for the wonderful Friendship you have given me. And for all the nice comments and your votes. I´m SO glad that I came back here to meet both old and new Friends. You´re like a family!!
Wish You a fantastic weekend!
My love To You! <3

Warm Hugs Kicki


sisi080985 says:

8 days ago
hello you vote my blingee thank you

Kicki1961 says:

10 days ago
Hello My Sweet Friend!
Thank You so much for all Your nice comments, Your votes and especially Your Friendship!
I wish You a fantastic Day My Friend!
Warm Hugs Kicki <3

lorenzaelle says:

10 days ago
I enjoy it If you enter in my group "Eureka!"

Joycieoh says:

15 days ago
When i make blingees with my grandchildren  i make them their own accounts, but don't  allow them to add friends. I only allow them to make them when i am with them for their  own safety.  If something is too much, 
the blingee team will remove it if brought to their
attention. None of your blingees  are even close to that, so don't  worry about  that. Maybe just tone down the ones in spotlight if it bothers too many. If its just 1 person, then it's  not a problem.

Joycieoh says:

15 days ago
Hello my friend, hope your day is going well!
I personally don't  see anything wrong with 
your blingees at all. They are sexy, but covered
up...eveybody has opinions whats inappropriate 
to children & it's a  fine line for some.  I think the
age for a bingee account is 13 & up, anyone younger
should  have an adult guiding them. As the old saying goes, " You can't  please all the people all of the time ".

P1949 says:

15 days ago
merci pour tes commentaires il n'y a rien de mal dans ce blingee il faut avoir l'esprit large !
bonne soirée gros bisous

Kicki1961 says:

18 days ago
Hello My Sweet Friend!

I want to thank You for all Your nice comments, Your votes, Your Gifts and above All...Your Friendship! It means a lot to Me. 
Here comes a little Happy Valentine gift from Me to show my appreciation of Your wonderful Friendship!

Warm, caring and loving Hugs, Kicki
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