CuteAngeiHearts says:

16 days ago
 If you support us, please copy this onto your profile:
Please join ♡CuteAngeiHearts♡!We'd love to have you. ^.^  
If you feel like an outcast,savage, or beast, than join us!♥The_Fallen♥

din63 says:

28 days ago
Good weekend to you too....

Kicki1961 says:

39 days ago
Hello My Sweet Friend!
I wish You a Beautiful Day and a great New Week!
Thank You so Much for all Your nice comments, All Your Votes and above All...Your wonderful Friendship!
I have problems with the power to My Laptop. Have to upload it pushed against the wall at the exact millimeter...and then I can use it by the battery for a while. So I haven´t been able to be here so much.:-( But I will try to vote and comment again. :-)
<3 Love and Hugs Kicki <3

RedHeadsRule says:

48 days ago
Happy Easter to ALL of my wonderful friends...and that includes YOU! :D

Massive hugs from the heart,

Kicki1961 says:

49 days ago
Hello My Sweet Friend!!

Sending You Lots of Spring Feelings!!
And I hope that You´re having a magical Happy Easter!!

Thank You so much for All Your lovely comments, Your votes and above all...Your wonderful and loving Friendship! <3

I´m not here so much because I have "powerproblems" with My idiotic laptop!! SO I load up the battery....can use it for a short time...and then have to connect it to the powercable again. 

Much Love and Warm Hugs Kicki <3

Kicki1961 says:

51 days ago
Thank You so much My Friend for Your Gift, Your comments and Your votes. And especially for Your Friendship!
I wish You a fantastic Day!

Much Love and Warm Hugs Kicki <3

digalo43 says:

52 days ago
Thank you!  I sure yours is beautiful as always.  I just deleted Blingee Plus, it slowed down my computer so much!  But it is not the same making blingees without it!
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