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"Saying thank you to all who have voted on my blingees and left me comments. I can't back back to everyone all the time but please KNOW that I appreciate each vcte and comment! If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have any silver or gold badges! And also thank you to all who have and continue to contribute to my Johnny Depp Admirers group! Your blingees are awesome. I want to start a NEW group in honor of VIGGO MORTENSEN! He is a fantastic actor like Johnny and also very handsome and kind.



Do YOU like Johnny Depp? Do you know someone on your friend's list who does? Come join my JOHNNY DEPP ADMIRERS GROUP and let's blingee our hearts out for Johnny! If you are interested...what are ya waiting for? BLINGEE!!!!

I have varied interests. I love to sing, collect angels, read, create graphics etc. Dance. Make new friends. 

For those asking. I am 66 years 'young.' And I love this site and have made some wonderful friends. I am completely amazed at the talent/creativity I see on this site. I believe 'creating' is great therapy for the soul. Plus, it keeps you out of trouble, too :)

When I first came to this site it was to make graphics to add to my profile on MY SPACE. Mostly blingees of myself to use as my default pic on there. 
After looking at the other blingees on here, I thought, "Maybe I can make some decent blingees of other things, too." From then on, I've been creating blingees from other pics I find interesting.

Creating a blingee comes from your heart and soul. Just like writing a song. It's a part of you. EACH blingee on here is special because it's a part of the person who created it and expresses their soul. 

If you are reading this, leave me a comment and I will do the same for you!

You can find me on my space at .....http://www.myspace.com/angelarms4u



PS** "MADTAB" and "PANICLUVR14"are my awesome grandaughters." 

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I am Gemini- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

"the people born in this time period are widely known for their dual personalities and ability to change mood from moment to moment. 
Although they hate to be tied down,they make lively, entertaining and romantic partners, even if they can be rather fickle if bored or unhappy. The twin sides of their nature are perpetually pulling in opposite directions. 
Their mind is subtle and brilliant. 
They usually "lack continuity of purpose" because of indecisiveness. Of all signs, Gemini's are the most difficult to understand. They love and relish it with one side of their nature but see the other side too, capable of loving anyway. They have sharp wit and excellent powers of observation making them a good raconteur. If taken in for who they are in their moods, they are the most delightful people imaginable, but one must not attempt to expect them to be constant to ideas or plans. 
They believe they are truthful, constant, faithful and so they may be for the moment, but every moment to them has a separate existence. Gemini people have the ability to see the great points and weak points in those they meet. 
Almost all of them are great talkers and communicators, and in demand socially because they are entertaining. In all matters of affection they are human puzzles. They can love passionately and yet be inconsistent if they are pulled by their other twin. Sometimes its only their shield of diplomacy and exquisite tact that often keeps them from making a mess. They are usually also quite easy going, insightful, and helpful.




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loveblinkmike says:

1305 days ago
hello and good day mustangel 
very close from here, send a dear greeting to you ...
   happening and a bit of spring, even if the
   weekend not so nice ... so I'll give you
   my friendship here with http://blingee.com/blingee/view/134321911
   to understand ...hertily thanks for all comment´s and gift…wish sunny weekend..

for we shall meet again here, and go a little walk
                Kind regards mike


faizababez says:

1312 days ago
Hey, welcome to my circle :)
Hope you enjoy every moment here, love Faiza x

FannyFairy says:

1728 days ago
Mi voti? Ti prego ti prego ti prego!!!

In cambio avrai la mia riconoscenza e un qualsiasi favore tu mi chieda! ♥

amy.23.7 says:

1745 days ago
cuandtos años tienes??

augusts says:

1771 days ago
..great! so is Mr. Depp, and you're right about Viggo blond and delightful too* Gemini? Cancer here, july 18th;) ..send me a link to one you have in contest this week and I vote you today;) ..this is LINK to Villemos BEST COUPLE this week http://bln.gs/c/38z/v/65is7 ..with love from bergen, norway;) 

sweetgirl1995b says:

1895 days ago
nice blingees :)

Vote for me in this challenge if you can.

Blingee entered: 


starfish82 says:

2031 days ago
hi sweetie~
it's april..i just wanted you to know if you needed help with the johnny group i'll be more than happy to be a manger if you want. I know we dont know each that much but you can ask around i'm sane..haha.. a bit cripple cause of my seizures but other than that i'm good. ^^ if you need help let me know kk hugs ~april ^^

sweetterror says:

2051 days ago
Thank you soo much for your healing thoughts and prayers it is very much appreciated and I am very happy that I am starting to feel much better, but still need to get my strength back to normal.  Always taking one day at a time!!


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