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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,Equestria girls and Rainbow Rocks:Rainbow Dash,Fluttershy,Pinkie Pie,Twilight Sparkle,Rarity,Applejack,Sunset Shimmer,Trixie,Coco Pommel,Suri Polomare,Lightning Dust Dew Droplet,Mayor Mare Carrot Top Derpy Hooves,Ophelia vio,Octavia Melody,Cloudchaser,Flitter,Lyra,Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops),Adagio Dazzle,Aria Blaze,Sonata dusk,Strawberry Brush,Granny Smith,Misty Fly,Princess Celestia,Princess Luna,Princess Cadence,Fleur de Lis NightMare Moon,Solar Flare,Ice Dreams,Lunari,Rainjay,Starfly,Sassaflash,Flitterheart,Queen Crysalis,fluffe puff,Maud PieCherry Barry Lemon hearts Charilee.Big Macintosh,Shining Armor,Flash Sentry,Cheese sandwish,Seeetie Belle,Apple Bloom,Scootaloo,Babs Seed,Diamond Tiara Silver Spoon,Pina colada,Coton Cloudy,Tootsie Flute (Liza Doolots),Cocoa Steam.?


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cardosomichele says:

2276 days ago
Welcome to my circle*!!!

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