Laureannesophie says:

7 days ago
Thank you :)

ZaharaBlue says:

10 days ago
It was meant to be Green And Soft blue challenge. Not soft Green and blue... But you can't change the title once A challenge has been created.  Oh well, it doesn't matter.

ZaharaBlue says:

10 days ago
Thank you very much for your congratulations. Congratulations on your wins too. Have a wonderful new week.

Isabekuki says:

13 days ago

shwetashweta says:

14 days ago
I have always tried for unbiased voting by hiding the name of participants.
Also I can't see name of any participant while voting including that of Бинги

shwetashweta says:

14 days ago
Бинги asked me that their name shows in challenge while voting.
I don't know anything about this.
I had hidden names of all the participants.
If name of anyone shows that would be website/server's problem and not my fault...

BBB338 says:

18 days ago
Dear friend, of course will pray for a terror-free pilgrimage this year. Also, I will make Blingees in your Challenge!

Бинги says:

19 days ago
Dear friend, I will fulfill your request and pray for the dead. Let there be peace on this earth! Thank you for inviting me to the competition. God bless you.
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