Hi,im Sumy and I really like to draw.I made a girls group called Bleen.And I want evoke their life in my drawings.They are fairies,Stella,Vedrana,Zelenkica,Oliva,Akaii,Layla,Zlata.And if you like them vote my pictures with 5 stars.:** 
Bleen biography:
-Stella is fairy of shine,she was a ballet teacher,she is 30 years old.She lived in a world of fairies,she moved to the ordinary world because she met other Bleen, she is a princess and her best friend is Zelenkica
Zelenkica is fairy of music,She is an amateur singer, she loves to play rock instruments,she is very cool, and she is boldly , shes 36 year old.
Vedrana is fairy of fire,She is queen of the world of fire,she lived without parents,she is raised by a cook, she likes to cook, her semi father doesnt have a enought money to raise her but then she  was adopted by karate master, Vedrana loves karate, she doesnt know she is fairy.She learned that when she was  18.Shes 44 years old,she haves one kid Lilly  and husband
Akaii is fairy of nature,she have two kids Stella and Layla,she lived in magic world,she likes to grow plants,shes 53 year old she have a husband
Layla is fairy of sport,she likes to run and training,shes 34 year old,
Oliva is fairy of water,she is silent,she have two kids
she likes to swim,she is queen of water,she lived in ocean like mermaid,shes 35 years old
Zlata is fairy of the sun,shes former model ,she is a cousin of zelenkica,shes born like human but she deserves magic and she become a fairy and Bleen,shes 26 years old



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MICA603 says:

about 1 hour ago
I am 11 years and a half! My birthday is coming. 
 And you, How old are you?
 It does not matter, I think you untangle well in English. Which nationality are you?

MICA603 says:

3 days ago
I love your name! I'm French so I go through google translation, it's funny. I say that I do not make mistakes.

MICA603 says:

5 days ago
My name is Micaela and you?
I'm a girl and you?

Kirschi173 says:

8 days ago
Hello, Friend ,
Many thanks for your invitation to join to your circle. To do justice also every friend, I simply lack the time. Hence, I accept at the moment no more new friends. 
Pity again. Goodbye

MICA603 says:

9 days ago
I have asked you to be friends ;)

MICA603 says:

12 days ago
Would you like to be my friend?

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