what is the Real Id? Votes end this year for many states in the USA

what is the Real Id? Votes end this year for many states in the USA
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symbol for the no real id movement.. Google this! Real ID was at first an idea to give all Americans a card called the real id card.. this card would be used everywhere to identify the public and be able to better track where we are and what we are doing so that terrorists would be more easily found. Problem with that idea was that no one was willing to give up their privacy like that and most all states voted no. Now they (DHS) have a new idea.. they want to put the real ID technology into the regular Drivers Licences. That way no one really notices the difference, except that someone tells them that they have real id technology in their licence and that homeland security says its for the safety of the country. Most everyone has been voting NO for the real id act because this is a really big invasion of privacy but more than that its against USA citizen rights. Please vote NO in your state! Find out when the deadline to decide for your state is.. research real id for your state and be sure no one has to do this in the future. Its a really baddd idea and it just keeps coming back for a vote again.. they keep trying to make it so that we don't mind it as much anymore but however they package it...it's still the same real id. Stay aware and vote no, better than that please tell your senators to vote no in case the vote doesn't come to the public.. websites for senators and representatives are online and its so easy to write them. I hope I get some out there aware! Much love.
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