Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Blingee Toolbar?

    The Blingee Toolbar is a super easy way for you to enhance your Blingee experience. The toolbar gives you access to brand new BlingeeMaker features such as Layers and Motions and increases the number of stamps available to you. The toolbar also introduces Blingee Postcards, a themed collection of high quality topical Blingees for you to post on any site or send in an email. Using the toolbar, you can also easily capture images for Blingee creation and access the best Web Search directly with just one click.

  2. Which features come with the Blingee Toolbar?

    • Layers and Motions – Enhanced Blingee stamp movements which open an entirely new range of Blingee creative possibilities.
    • Postcards – A categorized collection of pre-made Blingees by topic for easy posting on other sites and in emails.
    • Direct Blingee Account Access – One click access to your Blingee account dashboard to review your lastest activity and statistics.
    • Expanded Blingee Stamp Access – Increased Blingee Goodie Bag and Favorites size, and additional stamp visibility incorporated into the BlingeeMaker.
    • BlingCapture – One click capture and upload of web images for easy Blingee creation
    • Web search – Search Google, Bing and Ask all at once directly from the toolbar’s search box for superior search results.

  3. Does the Blingee Toolbar cost anything?

    No, the Blingee Toolbar is 100% free!

  4. How do I install the Blingee Toolbar?

    The Blingee Toolbar can be downloaded and easily installed from

  5. What are the system requirements for the Blingee Toolbar?

    To use the Blingee Toolbar on your computer, you need one of the following Web browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
    • Firefox 3.0 or above

  6. Is the Blingee Toolbar considered Spyware?

    Blingee is strongly committed to never collecting any personal information about our customers. All Blingee offerings are completely spyware-free and adware-free, and have NO viruses!

  7. What are Blingee’s privacy policies and practices?

    Privacy is important to Blingee and our users. We respect your rights and understand that you have choices online if we fail to meet your expectations. Blingee’s privacy policy can be found here: Searches conducted through the Blingee Toolbar are made on You can review the Searchcanvas privacy policy here:

    Key highlights for you are:

    • We don’t collect personally identifiable information.
    • We do use cookies to help track the effectiveness of our advertising.
    • We make it really simple for you to uninstall the Blingee Toolbar if you wish

  8. How do I uninstall the Blingee Toolbar?

    The Blingee Toolbar can be easily uninstalled by following the steps here:

  9. Still have a question?

    Please check the main Blingee FAQ, here:
    Or contact us and we will be happy to answer it:

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