Patrick Mansion.Chicago is so two years ago.

Patrick Mansion.Chicago is so two years ago.
Soon after the gay maid ordeal patrick and pete decide to call it a night. Besides half an our of running round a mansion for their clothes wasnt exactly fun. The gay maid obvoiusly enjoyed watching their clothes slip and slide over them. Andy went to sleep on the conservatry sofa as he wanted to make sure hed wake up of pete or patrick went out of the house,andy had begun to be a bit possesive since they came back. The kettle had already been boiled just a mintue before andy dropped off so pete made them hot chocalates as they sat and watched The Haunting. 'Even though its in black and white,it still scares the hell outta me',pete shivered. 'Same,but the black and whites are the best,more beliveable'. A scary part in the film where a face appeared in the wallpaper made patrick hide his head in a cushion as he couldnt stand it. He felt a tickle on his neck and before brushing it away he realised it was petes hand so he cuddled in more. 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!',pete suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs making patrick spil hot chocolate over everwhere and andy jump up from his seat and grab his rifle. 'STOP!WHATS GOING O-?!!',andy screamed before settling back down,'Oh pete,the haunting again,Realy?,i thought you wouldnt still be scared!' 'MAn it just aint right,i swear that house they filmed in is haunted',pete sighed as he calmed himself down again. Patrick turned around and gave pete the most confused look,'Ya think?,its the HAUNTING pete of course its flippin haunted!',patrick said as he mopped up hot chocolate. 'Hey keep your voice down you dont want the gay maid waking up!',andy spat from across the room as he setlled back down to sleep. Patrick and pete looked at eachother with disgusted faces rembering the wild chase today. 'Sorry trick',pete whispered as he went to kiss the top of his head patrick put his hand over his head. 'How can you even want to kiss my head and love me even with...THIS'. 'Patrick,what are you on about?' 'You know what i mean..'patrick trailed off as he made a circle in the air around his head where no hair longer grew. 'Oh shut up will you patrick',pete protested as he kissed him anyway',besides,who are ya flammin charlie swan!?,aye put twiligt on'. 'No ways!,since when do you like that anyway!' 'Just thought it would make a change',pete chuckled. 'What,too scared?',patrick teased. 'NO!,put dance of the vampires that aint flammin scary',pete said getting up and shoving the disk in. 'Only cos the maids got her tits out!' 'What ever patrick,id rather have the gay bloomin maid!',he laughed as he lied back down next to patrick. Patrick liked being short as he felt more protected by pete. They tried to stay awake but their eyes kept fluttering shut. 'Hey patrick shes got her ti-',but before pete could finish he looked to his side to see patrick fast asleep with his arm round pete. Pete sighed,turned the tv off and snuggled up to him. *TWEET*TWEET**COKCRAW*COKCRAW*!!! Pete rubbed his eyes as a bird getting frustrted woke him up. He looked out of the window at the country side wen suddenly. *BANG* A magpie flew into the window. Pete jumped up and went outside to find it lying with a limp wing. Pete bent down to it and saw its eyes snap to him,making him jump. *COKCRAW*COCKRAW!* Its started flapping its good wing helplessley at pete. 'Awwww,let me take you in!',he cooed as he scooped up the bird and took it inside to the kitchen. As pete tied its wing in a small sling made of kitchen towel it seemed to smile,or maybe he was going crazy. 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!,AHHH!GET IT OUT!',patrick shouted running in like a wild buffalo and smaking around with a radio times. 'WOA!,WATCH OUT ITS MY FREIND!,I named him lil chris',pete soothed as he scooped lil chris up and cradled the sqwaking magpie. 'Wow you have some weird ass freinds',patrick panted as he put down the radio times and poured him and pete crunchy nut. Pete sat lil chris on the counter and let him pick at his crunchy nuts. 'Come on chewy nuts!,get movin!,youve got training today!',andy shouted coming running down the stairs in a tracksuit and a sweatband holding his frizzy hair. 'Yo man!,what the hell is up with you!?,besides,you aint doin no trainging its gonna be me sweatin like a pig!' 'Well patrick,the fans love it and youve got to practice'. Pete tried to hold back laughter as patrick shot him a dirty look. 'cya then,jackie chan',pete chuckled and even the magpie seemed to sqwark. Even so patrick kissed him goodbye and ran upstars to get his leaotard. Patrick took three deep breats and climbed onto the podium.'Erm andy...i might be a bit rusty'. 'Its ok patrick,i aspected that but we all gotta start somewhere again,now,1-2-3-4',andy started clappping a beat as sex bomb played and patrick worked his thang. 'Right time for the finale"',andy cheered. Patrick swung his arms round the pole but fell to a heap. 'Oh damn it!',he scolded. 'Its ok patrick,youre here to patrice,now lets keep on tryin youre one of not too many that can do the swing and spin down the pole on your front,it takes experince'. So patrick tried and tried. 'OH ANDY ITS NO USE!' 'patrick dont be so flusered!',andy sooted,'now take a break,shower up and come back and practice again'. Patrick sighed heavily andwalked round the side of the building to have a breather. He heard the leaves crunching and span round to see pete. 'Pete!,what are you doing?' 'Visiting the best dancer in town!' 'Shhh!,theres papparazzi there!',patrick hushed. 'Oh,better keep you quiet then'. Before patrick could speak pete grabbed him and started kissing him passionatley,of course patrick couldnt resist and wrapped his arms round his waist. Patrick chuckled as pete slipped his tongue in and held patrick tightly. 'SMILE!' *FLASH* 'WHAT THE!??!',patrick shouted as pete quickly pulled away. A greasy forighner started running waving his camera in the air. Hed obvoisly got his winning shot.
created by: JonasLove...

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