lolena part 6

lolena part 6
enjoy! it was the next day and selena woke up. it was 10 am. she did her normal basic moringin stuff. when selena was done eating her breakfeast , she decided to cleasn the house. she put some music , her cd, and started to clean. she went from room to room. she did her bed , she mopped , she washed , bascily everything that needed to be cleaned. when he was done it was alredy 12. she went downstairs and shut the music off. the door bell rand and she knew who was at the door. it was jenifer . she was excited becouse it meant only 3 more hours till logan came. she opended the door. "hey jenifer." selena said. "hey selena." jenifer came in and gave selena the script. "ok so we are going to do sceen 5." jenifer said. "ok , so um we wil read through it first then act it out, or atleast try too. we only have 2 people." selena said. "agreed." jenifer said. they sta on the couch and before they knew it they were up acting it out in 20 min. "wow! this sceen is going to be fun!" selena said. "yup!" jenifer said. they kept on pratcing till they were exusted. "ok what sceen is next?" selena asked. "Um sceen 9" "how do you know all this , jenifer?" "ohh the directer called , he said he tried calling you but you wouldn't answer. so he called me." "ok." "why , selena?" "just making sure you didnt have a meeting with out me." selena said sarcastic. they laughed and continued. the time went fast. whenever selena acted it was like the time speeded up alot. then iwas 2: 50. they finished and jenfer said, "well i better get going. i dont want to be in the way. so um tomorrow you want to finishe we are alod going to do sceen 4 , whcih i forgot to do." jenifer said. "ok but can you make it at 11:30?" selena asked. "sure no problem." jenifer said. she picked up the crops and her stuff. "you need help?" selena asked. jenifer saw logan through the window and gave a grin. "No i'm fine , but thanks!" jenifer got every thing and headed out. "bye!" selena said. "bye , selena!" she dissapeared through the door. selena saw logan through the window and smiled. jenifer and logan said hello to eachother. jenifer got in her car. logan appeared throught selena's door. the door was open. "may i come in?" llogan asked. "yea , ofcourse." selena replyed. logan came in and shut the door behind him. "so you ready?" logan asked. "yes! i cant wait!" selena said. "then lets go." "ok." selena said. logan and selena got out of the house and got into the car. logan tured on the car and drove off. "so when did you first learn how to surf?" selena asked. "when i was 14." logan said. "wow! well if i learn this year , then for me 17." selena said . they both laughed alittle. "so how long do you want to do these lessons."logan asked. "untill i learn how to surf." selena said. "great!" logan said. "and they are all free." "no, no. i will pay!" selena said. logan shook his head. "i wont accept it!" logan said. "i have to pay you back for every thing you've done!" selena said. "you are already!" logan said. "how?" selena asked. "just trust me." logan said. "how about this, first two weeks are free?" logan suggested. "fine! but aget that nomore free!" selena said. "so have a deal?" logan asked. "deal!" selena said. "ohh and dont worry becouse in two weeks you wont need any more!" logan said. "yes i will!" selena said laughing. "no you wont!" "yes i will!" logan didnt say anything this time he just laughed then gave her a big smile. selena lokoed at him. "what?" "well , i know you are goign to win at the end so fine." logan said. selena smiled bak. they finally reached the beach. loagn parcked and opend the trunk. "we ar ehere." logan said. he got off and opend the door for selena. selena got off and carried her bag, with all her stuff. logan went to the back of his car and got two surf boards. he shut the trunk and went twords selena. they walked to the beach shore and found a sitting place. they put there stuff down. selena went to go change in the bathroom. she already had her suim suit on. she just needed to take off her clothes. logan was still out side in the shore. he just took of his shirt. selena came out with her clothes in her hand. she reached logan."ok lets go." logan said. logan grabbed a board and selena graved on e , too. they were in the water. the watter reached their waste. the boards floted. "you ready?" logan asked. "yea , you asked that already." "i know i was just try-" logan grabbed selan and through her him the water with a big splash! logan laughed. selena got back up to the surface. "aaahh!" selena said laughing. "that was cold!" logan jsut laughed. selena ,too. then selena ran after logan in the water. it was hard to though. logan ran. the boards were left floating in the water. they chased eachother. then all of the sudden selena went down. logan looked around for her. "selena?" logan was worried alitle. she came back up."help! he-" slena yelled. she was pretty far away though.she went back down. "selena!" logan yelled. he swam to her really fat. "selena!" logan yelled harder. he looked around. then she came back up."help! ah! he-" selena went back donw. he finally reached where he had gone up and dowm. he was about to grabb her when. booosshhh! selena got up and through logan deep in the water. logan raised up. "you-" "ticked you!" selena cut him off. logan pulled his hair back. "you're pretty good." "thanks. now shall we start?" "yea! sure. come on" logan grabbed selenas hand . he looked around. "um , did you see the boards?" "nope! i though you had them."selena said. "great , well we have no boards." logan said."but i have more at my house. we can come tomorrow and accually learn." "sounds good!" selena said. "so today is just a hang out in the beach day , i guess." selena continued. "yea , ssure!" logan said. he had an idea. "race you to the chairs and back here." "sure but how will we know where is here?" selena asked. "dont wory," logan got out somthing orange and it had a tiney anchor (a very small one) at the bottom. it sank and the orange flag was shining at the top. "i come prepared. " logan finished. "Ok well ... GO!" selena said. selena took off and logan ran behind her. selena turned back and saw he was gaining. she changed from runing to swiming. she looked back and dint see logan. she guessed he was tricking herbut she wouldn't fal for it. selean turned back and gained speed. selena reached the chair. the selena was about to turn around and head beak , when she felt two harms go around her waist and pull her up to swing in a circle in the air. it was logan. "aah!" selena said , in a happy way. she laughed. logan put her down and she faced him. "where you come from?" selan asked. "i was simming ...under water." logan said. "ohh , yea well um." selena hesataited. there lips were close logan was grabing her waste. logan took of th piace of heair in her face. she was about to lean in when, she went under his arm and ran to the orange flag. logan ran behind her. they made a big splash! "i won!" selena said. logan came 7 seconds later. "good one!" logan said. they swam in the ocean. when they came out it was 6 already. "ohh, i had a life time!it was so much fum!" selena said. "me , too! you know when i come here alone, i dont have this much fun! like wher you are here." logan said. "thanks." selena said. she blushed allitlle. they both grabbed a towle and dryed them self. logan grabbed his clothes from the chair and went to go change. selena did the same thing. they both came out and grabbed everything. they went to the parking lot and got in the car. "well, this was an amazing day." selena said.selena grabbed a comb out of her bag and started to brush it. "yea, same here." logan said. logan stoped at selena's house. "here we go , so tomorrow at the same time?" "yea ,and i hope we dont loose the boards." selna said. "me too. wel i had fun!" logan said. "me too, well bye logan and thanks!" "bye selena." logan said. selena gave hima smile and shut the door. she got inside the house. logan drove off. selena went to the bathroom and took a shower so her hair wouldn't get damaged by the salt water. selena got out and changed into her PJs. she knew she wasnt goign to go out any more. then she made her dinner, when she was donw she washed the plates. she heard the doo bell ring. she guessed who it could be. she dreid her hands and then went to the door. she opended. "selena we need to talk." a voice said. ( who was it?) ( ohh and sorry if this one is long!)( i like this one just saying kk well coment and rate thanks!)
created by: celli101

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20 graphics were used to create this "love story" picture.
Simple Light Green Pattern
Flowers overlay frame
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Flowers background frame overlay green
white sparkle
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yuna411 says:

3564 days ago
i was bored!.. but nice story!thanks 4 using stamp! again!<3

Melina45d says:

3579 days ago
wow this was long but i luved it<3 i want more

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