Bring On The Rain

Bring On The Rain
Are you next for electronic torture? Illuminating that U.S. human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib are tip of the iceberg, a new human rights billboard in the state of Wisconsin is an example of what hundreds of thousands of tortured American Targeted Individuals want to see in every state to expose a well hidden crime against humanity. The billboard text includes, "Big Brother Watching You," "Are You Targeted?," "Electronic Harassment = Torture," and, "Are You Next?" "[T]orture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib are a “by-product” of something much more sinister that is going on in our world," wrote former Intelligence community worker for Science Applications International Corporation, Donald F. Traux, now targeted for blowing the whistle. Traux's statement above concurs with other specialists such as U.S. Air Force reservist, Lt. Col. Yvonne Bradley who reported over a year ago that Americans have only seen "tip of the iceberg" of torture horrors secretly practiced in their name. With decades of professional involvement with the FBI and other intelligence agencies, internationally acclaimed PI Bill Taylor also stated as much to this writer earlier this year. (See: Secretly forced brain implants Pt III: Ex-SS, FBI contractor defends targets and Secretly forced brain implants Pt IV: Intel expert on the doctors, children, military research, Dupré, D., Examiner, August 26, 2010) Mr. Jeff Rense recently stated on his radio program, Rense Radio Network, that mistreating targets no longer requires secret prisons because existing technology has created a "virtual prison" in which people are subdued. Now, the tortured and injured in such invisible, silent, virtual prisons are pooling their little strength and few resources for billboards to alert the American public about the secret crime against humanity occurring in local neighborhoods by operatives who can target anyone next. Led by human rights defenders, Kenneth Rhoades of Michigan and Lisa Becker of Milwaukee, the billboard project is a major achievement by the ever increasing number of Targeted Individuals crippled physically and psychologically by in-home and community electronic torture injuries. This form of torture in the "War on Terror" since 911 is covered-up by mainstream media that blacks-out on the secret government sanctioned program and by health professionals who typically attribute the crime to target "delusion." The growing, hidden world of top secret America is being investigated by Pulitzer Prize winner Dana Priest and military expert and reporter William Arkin, as the video below documents. (FRONTLINE: Inside Top Secret America (PBS)) As one target, Jeremy, writes, "There is a societal dance of denial in progress, and it takes the willful ignorance of the general public to keep the dance going." Another target, Pat, explains below the billboard project's accompanying new Youtube video that she contributed, "This project is in place to help expose these evil crimes so many of us suffer from." Although one large Targeted Individual organization repeatedly uses the term "harassment," including in its name, the injurious assaults on an estimated 350,000 Americans targets meet criteria of more than harassment. It is torture. Electronic weapons and "devices" are aimed at targets to "remotely deliver frequencies which can produce a variety of ill effects on the human mind and body, such as pain, pin pricks, disorientation, nausea, irregular heartbeat, strokes, cancers, synthetic telepathy (hearing human voices in the mind), and much more," according to Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCSH). Many Targeted individuals now view the assaults on them as part of a war on the people, as the FBIs counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO has secretly conducted for decades. That program now operates under a different name, collaborating with a web of other secret "security" agencies deployed with military grade weapons. These abuses are so extreme, as supported by the USA PATRIOT Act, the Bill Of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) is urging Americans to be in Washington DC in January to tell members of congress in person "what you think about the PATRIOT Act, wasteful spending on national security programs, and spying on law-abiding Americans." BORDC reports, "Congress won’t act unless We the People demand it, so come to DC and raise your voice." The website, "Are You Targeted?"is managed by a target, Jeremy, who states about the program treatment, "In essence, this is an open secret, kept out of the general public’s awareness by several factors which the masterminds behind targeting programs have fully accounted for." Explained on this website is: The tactics used against targets are specifically designed to discredit them; Bystanders who observe what’s going on find it is to their advantage to be willfully ignorant; Most people who participate don’t know full extent of what a campaign entails, and those who do know are afraid of having this machinery turned against them; The most mentally unbalanced targets are assisted in publicizing their experiences; There is widespread corruption and subversion of the agencies entrusted to maintain law and order, and of the mainstream media, which is supposed to uncover programs like these. "While these political weapons have been used against government officials and employees to keep them 'in line' since the 1990′s or before, reports about this type of covert activity have been flooding in since 2001. It seems that there is now a global, and currently invisible, purge of undesirables underway," Jeremy states. According to Are You Targeted?, people illegally experimented on in previous government programs (such as MKULTRA), or targeted decades ago by COINTELPRO "like the East German Stasi, appear to be the highest value targets. The former intel employee, Donald Traux reports he has been under "covert-overt attack by the National Security Apparatus for whistle-blowing." He blew the whistles on the office where he worked at Chantilly, VA right beside Dulles International Airport, the Science Applications International Corporation, was empty the morning of the 11th of September 2001." (Are You Targeted? website Comments, To help expose the electronic torture crime against humanity, with his intel background, Traux now manages the website Ominous Parallel (, facilitating learning about the in-home and community remotely applied weapons, covert operations and players perpetrating the torture plus effect they are having on the world. "My hope is that one day these programs will be exposed," he recently stated. Max Williams, an FFCHS board member, recently stated, “Raising public awareness, such as the use of billboards and other avenues, is the most important way victims can fight back against the remote assaults, which appear to be the work of rogue elements of US military and intelligence agencies.” The billboard project's accompanying Youtube, "Billboard Project," contributed by Pat can be viewed at: Pat states in the video text, "So sorry at this tie I cannot afford to give but this is my small effort to help in the only way I know how right now. After 20 years of victimized I have nothing to give but my time." Part of the "treatment" is blacklisting targets. Most are workplace mobbed out of the workforce and subsequently out of the lifestyle of which they were accustomed. According to internet target self-support groups, many are homeless, couch-surfing or worse, plus assaulted electronically. Below the Billboard Project Youtube, Pat says, "As a victim of these most sick crimes for 20 years, I ask anyone who can afford to donate to do so. I have not been able to work for 15 years now because of the suffering and pain from the military grade weapons being used to assault me." In October, FFCHS sent dozens of affidavits to the Department of Justice seeking help for Targeted Individuals since the FBI has consistently refused to investigate claims of new, high-tech weapons systems assault torture reported by hundreds of innocent citizens. Appealing to the Department of "Justice" proved non-productive, so FFCHS is now appealing to Congress according to Derrick Robinson, head of FFCHS.
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Are you next for electronic torture?

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Eminem I'm Not Afraid

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Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw - Bring On The Rain 

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