Princess Peach's #1 fan!!

Princess Peach's #1 fan!!
♥Yallllllllllllllllllllllllll!!xD It's Princess Peach's #1 fan!! On youtube, she said it!!(check mah channel 4 more!!) ♥Reasons♥ 1. We both like pink. 2. Were are both nice and sweet. 3.I H-A-T-E Bowser!!(i think he's jelous for her friendship with mario.) 4.When I play this word tree thing,at school(on the chalkboard), my teacher says to stop putting Peach on the chalkboard. 5.I am friends with her on youtube. 6.I always play her on video games. 7. I don't blame her for being capurted by you-know-who. 8.I have a plush of her that I take with wherever I go. 9. I have a figure of her. 10.My whole room is pink. 11.My whole room has a picture of her.(almost) 12. When I draw, I always HAVE to draw her. 13. I will never hate Peach. 14. I will truly be one of her #1 fans. 15. For as long as I live. 16. Even when I'm dead. 17.If I was playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, I'd save her. 18. Her name is my nickname. 19.We both are friendly. 20. If I had stickers of her,I would post them evreywhere. 21.We are both pretty. 22. Toad is cool! 23. In 2 Wii games, I'm close to saving her. 24. She and Mario should keep dating. 25.I had drawings of her and they are beautiful. 26.Peaches are my favriote fruit. 27. We both have long hair. 28.I always win races with her. 29.Her baby sister is sooo cute!! 30.I'm wanting to get a costume of her. 31. Really, REALLY bad. 32.I'm exactly like her friend Daisy. 33. I hope to meet her in person. 34.I love her more then anybody else. 35.I subbed to her. 36.I commeted on her channel. 37.We both have a sweet personality. 38.Those people who hate her have no minds. 39.Ive ben her #1 fan for over a year. 40. I have a Mii of her. 41. And it looks like her. 42.She is my channel backround. 43.We both like hearts. 44. Our names has each 5 letters! 45. I could go on 4 FOREVER!! 46. And I AM SERIOUS!! 47. Even mah teacher admitted it! 48. And mah good, good friend on utube said that I wuz her #1 fan! 49. And so did mah BFE! 50. THERE ARE NOW 50 REASONS WHY I'M PEACH'S #1 FAN!! 51. The REAL Peach admitted it! 52. If you serch on utube Peach's #1 fan..mah vid comes up first! 53.I hav a Poster of her. 54. And it hangs in mah bedroom. 55. I hav pink nail polish! 56. And pink make-up! 57. And pink earmuffs. 58. AND A PINK CAEMRA!! 59. I won't block you if you think ur Peach's #1 fan. 60. Cuz I understand there can be more then just 1 #1 Peach fan. 61. Unlike others who might be a tiny bit selfish. 62. I made a #1 fan Peach group. 63. Join it if you want to its at mah profile! 64. As soon as I saw Peach.. she instantly became mah fav. under a min.! 65. Mah family even admitts that I'm her #1 fan! 66. If you hate Peach.. GET OFF MAH PAGE!! 67. This is gettin sooo long!! 68. As soon as I see a Peach's #1 fan group, I join right that second!! 69. I LOVE Nitendo! 70. THERE ARE 70 REASONS WHY I'M PEACH'S #1 FAN!! 71. I hav a pink purse.(it comes in silver 2!!) 72. And it's shaped like a heart. 73. Mah fav. Disney Charcter is Cinderalla. 74. Cuz she looks like Peach. 75.Toadette is SUPER CUTE!!! 76. All mah Wii games hav her in em! 77. I hav pink flats. 78. Once.. I drew her really well! 79.Not stopping yet.... 80. If there's no Peach, no Play. 81. I saved her from Bowser one time! 82. So take that, Bowser! 83. I dislike Walulgi! 84. And that fattie, Wario! 85.This list it SUPER long!! 86. Peach subbed to me on utube!! 87. And is mah friend! 88.Getting close to 100... 89. I care about her very much. 90. Cuz I am her #1 FAN!! 91. Mah pillow is pink. 92. And so is mah bedspread. 93.I'm also friends wit her on Facebook! 94. I made her a garden with a box, paper ect. 95. I'll make more reasons when I can. 96. Cuz I don't rush. 97.I luv her castle music!!♥ 98.On Youtube, she favrioted mah vid!! 99. Mah fav holiday is Valetines Day! 100. THERE ARE 100 REASONS WHY I'M PEACH'S #1 fan!!!!!! 101. Cuz valentines day has hearts. 102. And like I said, I love hearts!! 103. If she wasent in the Mario games anymore, I'll still be her #1! 104. Cuz I won't forget about her. 105. She even SAID I woz her #1 fan on her utube page!! 106. I like to daydream about her. 107. When I hear her name,my brain goes crazy. 108. SEROUSLY!! 109. Mah fav. word is Peach. 110. Mah fav. letter is P 111. Mah second is E. 112. Mah third is A 113. Mah fourth is C. 114. Mah fifth is H. 115. If I had a DS, I would only accept pink. 116. Cause I ♥ pink. 117. And I would buy Super Princess Peach. 118. Cause its for the DS. 119. And you get to play as Peach.♥♥ 120. And it has her name in it. 121.I don't repeat or copy,unlike other folks. 122. I like the color red cuz pink is a ligter red. 123. I mostly make blingees that have her in it. 124. Mah mom told me I was a princess! 125. And she also said I woz Peach's #1 fan! 126. And, she said she needed to get her camra to take pics of meh in mah Peach costume! 127. I make tribuits 4 her. 128. I hum her castle music ALOT! 129. I'm friends with her on Blingee. 130. Peach HERSELF SAID I woz! Check down mah profile and go into commets! 131. I like wearing her costume! 132. We are both tall! 133. I hav LOADS and LOADS of Pink stuff. 134. When mah mom always asks me about somthing, I always say: "Can Peach be on it?" 135. Dis is getting sooooooo long!! 136.I hav pics of her in mah bedroom. 137. ALOT of people call meh Peach.♥ 138. I cosplay as her. 139.MKW KNOWS to pick Peach out 4 meh when I'm racing. 140. Cuz like I said, I always race as her. 141. SHE'S MAH FAV. CHARCTER EVA!! 142.'N even MKW says that she's mah fav. charcter. 143. If I saw Peach in mah room, I would faint. 144. CUZ I'M A BIGGER FAN OF PEACH THEN ALL OF U SO HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!! =P 145. If she got captured, I would cry to teh top of mah lungs. 146. CUZ I CARE ABOUT HER DAT MUCH!!!!!!! =( 147. I did not think she looked ugly in teh past. 148. I have an album of Peach on Facebook. 149. 4 proof, here's teh link: 150. THERE ARE NOW 150 REASONS WHY I'M PEACH'S #1 FAN!! 151. OMG dis is WAY 2 LONG!! 152. SERIOUS!! 153. Makin Peach blingees ish meh taltnt♥ 154. at skewl i went 2 a market day 155. i bought a Peach drawin 156. yay 4 meh 157. lol 158. enyways back 2 teh reasons.. 159. Peachy is teh BEST! 160. DERE R NOW 160 REASONS WHIEH I'M PEACH'S #1 FAN!!!!!!!! 161. I rlly dn't curse 162. cuz i'm happy ☺ 163. 'n soz is Peach 164. PPEEAACCHH 165. I'm teh biggest Peach freak 166. 'n i mean Peach as a color 167. dat would beh rlly confusing lol 168. 'n werid 169. meh fwiend always gives meh Peach's 4 lunch 170. she KNOWS I like Peach dat much! 171. DERE R NOW 171 REASONS Y I'M PEACH'S BIGGEST FAN!! 172. Weh could TOATALLY beh BFE's 173. BFE ish 4 Best Fweind Eva 174. LONG ALERT LONG ALERT!! 175. kewl numbeh 176. i hav a Peach wateh bottle 177. i bring it 2 skewkl evrey day 178. bieh teh end i'm prob have drank all teh water 179.cuz Peach ish on it 180.DERE R NOW 180 REASONS WHY I'M PEACH'S z#1 FAN!!! 181. I use "Peach" instead of "her". 182.when i'm writin bout Peach 183.cuz i respect Peach 184. dese reasons r ALL true 185. DEY R TRUE!!! 186.I'M SERIOUS!! 187. DEY RLLY R!!! 188. PRINCESS PEACHY ROKZ! 189. or PRINCESS PEACH ROKS! 190. DERE R NOW 190 REASONS Y I'M PEACH'S #1 FAN!!! 191. i cn write Princess in capital letters 192. i cn rite Princess Peach in capital 193. a hour has prob past 194. Baby Peach is teh most adorable baby in teh world!!
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AnimeHannahNi... says:

2979 days ago
Hi, i'm Hannah!  Im the #1 Official Biggest of the Biggest Princess Daisy Fan I would <3 to be friends! ~#1DaisyFan 

ToadetteQueen... says:

3223 days ago
We have a lot in common. We both love Princess Peach. We both are like Daisy. We both love pink. But 1 thing. I just plain LOOOOOOVE Bowser! He is an awesome character and his son is super ADORABLE!!!

PeachBiggestF... says:

4039 days ago one likes Waluigi

☆rainbowstarz☆ says:

4169 days ago
Hi! Nice pic and that's ALOT of parents don't like me being obsesed with ANYTHING. I wish they would-then I would buy every Toadette product known to MAN XD

minnierules4 says:

4189 days ago

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