Independence ID

Independence ID
Name: Independence _ Nicknames: Just call me Indy! Only if I'm in trouble then call me by my full name! _ Age: 3 years (21 in human years) _ Mother: Satine _ Father: Ewan _ Siblings: Bronson _ Crush(s): Tyler(Cool Glitter Girl) _ Ex-crush(s): Scamp _ Ex-mate: Scamp _ Mate: Tyler _ Son(s): David, Dylan, Darry, Sodapop(adopted) and Ponyboy(adopted) (she's also pregnant) _ Daughters: Nicole, Lalla, Octus, Minty (she's pregnant so there will be more later!) _ Personality: Most of the time she's kind, gentle, caring and loving but when shes in her demon form she's cold, merciless, mean, cruel, sadistic and full of hatred towards everyone excluding her loved ones _ History: Indy was born to Satine a demon, and Ewan a mortal. She was born a few years after her brother. No one knew it then but Indy had special powers and is immortal because her heart is made of stone and other materials that can not break. Even it got ripped out of her chest she can grow a new one in its place. Her powers though include: She can eat anything or anyone without getting sick, her bark can deafen or kill someone if she wants, her eyes turn red when she's angry, her teeth and claws contain venom that can kill someone but she can choose when or when not to use it, and her eyes can electrocute or blow up anything. But she was innocent back then. Life was usally pleasent for her. it all came crashing down one day when Indy's parents where killed by some evil humans. She managed to get away but she was forever tramatized by the experience. When she was a older pup she met Scamp and they became good friends. Over time they fell in love and became boyfriend-girlfriend. Even when he started seeing Angel they contiuned to see each other. This contiuned until they became teens. They got married and had pups. Scamp broke it off with Angel and everyone was happy. Until Nelly came in the picture that is.. Indy was furious.. How could he do this to her when they were already married and had their own kids? She let her feelings take control and she treated Nelly and Scamp badly. She even ratted them out to her friends and her brother. One of her friends confronted Nelly and chewed her out for making Scamp cheat on his mate. She went crying to Scamp about this and Scamp took her side and yelled at Indy who felt hurt and betrayed. She was even more hurt when Scamp who promised to be faithful to her took Nelly as his mate, had pups with her and saw other girls. She lashed out at everyone because of what happened. She got more clingy to Scamp and talked bad about him to her pups who felt just as hurt as their mother did. During this time her powers developed and made her the monster that she is now a powerful half-demon. Anyways finally she broke things off with Scamp for good tried of him being a cheater, player and a suppoter of pologamy. She stayed a single mom for the longest time until finally she met the one. His name was Tyler. He was handsome, brave and strong. with some time she fell for him and he for her. They startd dating and became mates later on. Now she's pregnant with his pups. Also she now is plotting for revenge on the humans for killing her parents, setting free housepets (she thinks all dogs should be wild not living with humans) and plotting on killing Scamp and Angel.
created by: Regentvice

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theswanprince... says:

1813 days ago

theswanprince... says:

1814 days ago

scampskey89 says:

2243 days ago
I always wanted to read about Indy's life :D Thsi is awesome :D And I love her new personality.:D I just miss her so much :D I miss your blingees of her

Bullet_For_My... says:

2244 days ago
Her bio is great :3

themegalipton says:

2245 days ago
Not trying to be mean but IDK why but this pic kinda crepes me out!! D: DX

bitani49 says:

2245 days ago
She looks so beautiful! I love Indy‚ô•
She looks so fluffy >W<

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