▶❝Wᴇ ꜰᴏᴜɴᴅ Aɴᴀɪs!!!❞◀

▶❝Wᴇ ꜰᴏᴜɴᴅ Aɴᴀɪs!!!❞◀
【18.07.2018】•【18:35】as the title says,we found anais. anais is hugue's younger sister. when hugue was 18 years old,his family got attacked by vampires,leaving him without hands and captured anais. yesterday,me with sephiroth,vincent,alucard,undertaker,lysander,hugue and mikaela(my younger brother) we traveled to belgium,antwerp,hugue's born place,to find anais. even though it passed a lot of time since then,because hugue is now 32,i still had hope that we will find her. he gave me anais' hair clip,so i could locate her. i used my magic,and i located two vampires not far away from us. i went to them,putting one of them down,putting my sword on his neck. the other one wanted to suck my blood,but since my blood is toxic for the other vampires,he died. i asked the other one where they put anais,and i hit him until he told me. he informed me that they released anais after a few months they captured her because they got bored of her,since her blood was weak. and he heared that she should stay in a house in front of a forest. i cut his head,and i took one of the rubies from my sword,putting the hair clip into it. we get into the car(we traveled by a plane,a private plane that my father,the vampire king,gave it to us,but he also prepared something for us. he teleported a car in the place where we arrived by the plane) and i guided sephiroth(he was driving the car) where the ruby told me. (magic,again) we found the house,a little house in front of the forest,as the vampire told us. it was such a nice place over there,it had a lake not far away from the house. we came closer to the house,and a tall girl,with blonde hair and blue eyes went out. she screamed "hugue!!!" and ran to him. they hugged,staying like this a few seconds. i could hear her saying "after all this time..." and he said "i am sorry!" me and mika got emotional and we almost cried. XD she asked him "how did you find me?" he told her "my girlfriend told me" she answered surprised "girlfriend?". hugue told me to come closer. i went,the girl hugged me and she told me her name is anais. i told her my name as well. she invited us inside,where i saw a tall boy with dark hair. she told us that he is her new boyfriend,she lives with her in that house. she gave us tea to drink,me with hugue sat down on a couch,and the other boys on chairs. anais asked hugue what he did after the attack and how he recovered his hands. before he started to explain,he put his bangs behind his ear,his earring revealing. anais saw it and she said "oh,you have an earring?" he said "actually two" revealing the other one from his other ear. she started to laugh and i didn't understood why. XD she said that she was always teasing him when she was little that she has earrings and he doesn't. he told her that he will have too,now or later. he said that even though he was playing with her,he still did it. he said that after the attack,he went to Vatican where he was made a priest,from there,they put him artificial arms. he revealed that even if they are artificial they feel like normal arms,that's all they are stronger than the normal arms. he was also made an AX agent,working for Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section. after he told us,anais told us her story as well. she said that she was captured by the vampires but they got bored of her because of her weak blood. they set her free. she didn't know what to do,so she ran to an old man. (i didn't recognized his name,hugue did) he told her that he doesn't have much time anyways so he will give her the house. so she got here. she also asked me what's my story. i told her that my story is not that happy as it seems. it's more darker than anyone's. in that moment,hugue kissed my cheek. i turned around and i kissed him on the lips. anais and mika were actually screaming. XD she told hugue that i am literally better than the girlfriend he had in his childhood. she also asked me what's my age,and i told her that i'm 126. she was shocked,asking me if i am a vampire. i told her that i'm not only vampire,i am also a witch. i also told her that i made hugue immortal. i asked her if she wants to be immortal as well. she said "well,that should be great! but i really got no chance to be,since i'm only a human." i got closer to her,inserting a light in her chest. she asked me what i did and i told her i gave her the immortality. outside,it was a beautiful sunset. we get out to see it. i told hugue that he shouldn't forget that he promised me that he will bring me to some shops from there. he said he didn't forgot,that's all he wanted to get dark outside because the antwerp is more beautiful in the night,because of the lights. anais heared us and she said she will bring me to the most cool shops. we waited to get dark,so we went to shops. she brang me to lots of shops,and i bought lots of things from there. clothes,sweets,food,etc. especially that belgium is commended for their good chocolate. when we were in the town center,anais told me that she wants to have a photo with me and hugue. we went in front of them,and we kissed. mika and anais made us lots of photos. when we finally finished walking in shops,we had to go back to home. hugue told anais to give him her number so they could talk. she gave it to him,and she also gave me a gift bag. she said that she wants me to accept it because i bring her brother back to her. i opened it and i saw a dress. a beautiful long dress. i thank her hugging her and then i went back in the plane. when we reached home,hugue told me that he loves me more than anyone could love me because i found her. his sister is very beautiful,looks a lot like him,and i think someone(mikaela) likes her. XD it was very nice there! antwerp is one of the towns that i want to visit again and again.
created by: Teodoruka

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Isabel12a says:

1439 days ago
Wonderful creation! 
✫✫✫✫✫ for you c:

Hannenuete says:

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beautiful picture - all 5 stars for you my friend

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24karatgold says:

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°·..·°¯°·._.· すごいアートワーク ·._.·°¯°·.·° 
°¯°·._.·AMAZING AS ALWAYS·._.·°¯°
·..·°¯°·._.· AND COMMENTS·._.·°¯°·.· 
·°¯°·._.· LOVE YOUR FRIEND·._.·°¯° 

titi269 says:

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            *Superbe création‘゚❤️・✿
  ・✿.。❤️.:Bonne soirée.:。✿*゚

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Awesome! 5*****

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